WhatsApp Video Call Not Working on Android or iPhone – How to fix it

WhatsApp users have witnessed a lot of updates in the last few months, new updates and features have greeted users lately with the announcement of more features to be released shortly. However, some Android and iPhone users can’t figure out why the WhatsApp video call is not working properly on their devices.

Because of the continuous rise in demand for remote video conferences, WhatsApp extended the number from 4 to 8 participants in a video call group. This makes it easier for users to connect more with friends and colleagues.

Nevertheless, the instant messaging app will require permission to access the microphone and camera in your phone. If any of these is not functioning as required then it may pose a problem and it could be the reason why WhatsApp Video call is not working on such a phone.

There are few possible reasons why WhatsApp video call is not working on your Android or iPhone and some of them are mentioned below with a clue on how to have them fixed with ease.

How to Fix WhatsApp Video Call Not Working

Try the following hacks if you’re having a problem with your WhatsApp video call.

Allow WhatsApp permission to access Microphone and Camera

Most times your WhatsApp video call is not working properly because you have denied it access to your phone’s microphone and camera. To fix this, go to your App Settings select WhatsApp and allow all the necessary permissions.

Update your WhatsApp

Old versions tend to become obsolete with time. WhatsApp Video calls not working can be as a result of the older version.

Though, WhatsApp frequently updates its app across all devices, if you have disabled the app auto-update in your phone, then you have to update your WhatsApp manually.

Updating to the latest version will help rid off bugs and improve on lags in app performance. It will also come with the latest features.

Check Poor Network Connection

WhatsApp video call may not work properly over a poor network connection. Video call uses data and if the network is not strong enough, there will be breaks in transmission.

To fix this, you should make sure that you are connected to a secured data network or Wi-Fi and allow data networks to run in the background.

Check for Content & Privacy Restrictions for iPhone

WhatsApp may not have access to your microphone if you have enabled Screen Time and activated Content & Privacy Restrictions. However, if you must use WhatsApp video call under this condition then you should allow Whatsapp access to the Microphone and it can be done manually. Thus;

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Select Screen Time and proceed to Content & Privacy Restriction.
  3. Ensure that installed apps have permission to access the microphone.

Check Data Saver/Low Data Mode – keep it disabled

If Data saver or low data mode is enabled on your iPhone or Android, WhatsApp video call may not function properly. You should check for this setting and have it disable in order to enjoy a good time during WhatsApp video call.

For Android

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Network & Internet.
  3. Tap on Data Saver and turn it off

For iPhone

  1. Tap on the Settings App.
  2. Select Cellular and tap on Cellular data options.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on the toggle to disable Low data mode.

Clear Cache for Whatsapp – Android

Of course, there are some temporary files that save automatically while using WhatsApp, these files are saved as cache files and clearing them will not affect your WhatsApp app negatively rather it help prevent lags in function.

You can clear the WhatsApp cache by tapping and holding the WhatsApp icon to open the App info. Next, go to the Storage & Cache option and select “Clear Cache.”

Restart your Phone & Reinstall WhatsApp

Most times, your phone may be running out of RAM space and restarting will perhaps help restore it to normalcy. However, if after rebooting your phone and the WhatsApp Video call yet can’t work, then you may consider reinstalling the WhatsApp app.

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