VPN for Netflix | How to beat the Ban & Bypass Netflix VPN Block

Netflix is undoubtedly the world’s number one streaming service offering a variety of movies and Television shows. But, these vast collections are regulated by an individual’s geographical location and that prompts the use of VPN for Netflix [of course, it is no crime if Oliver wants some more].

Although, the streaming giants placed a ban on the use of VPN for its site and as such to bypass the Netflix VPN block is more like a herculean task…, but that is if you don’t know how to…

Alright, here is the good news – every problem creates room for innovation and a solution is born. What am I trying to say? the quest to beat the ban and bypass the VPN block has led to the publication of this guide.

However, before moving on with the guide, there are a few things you must know.

First of all, not all VPN services can be tweaked to bypass the Netflix VPN block.

Secondly, most VPNs that might try to bypass the block tend to experience a breach while streaming due to interruptions and slow buffering.

Thirdly, the few that can bypass the VPN for Netflix ban will require some extra settings amidst the fact that most of them are relatively expensive. But no too expensive for the value being offered.

Having noticed all the above, let’s quickly move on to list the best VPNs suitable for Netflix.

Best VPN for Netflix

Based on materials from other sources online, there are many VPNs good for streaming. But the few on this list were carefully selected are proven to be among the best for the purpose of this post.

Best VPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN: This is one of the best VPNs in the market, offering an ultra-fast and reliable network. Although it is quite expensive, it is worth it. Very good for streaming and have the needed tools to break through the block.

NordVPN: This is one of the best when it comes to online streaming. Fortunately, it can be tweaked to beat the ban and bypass the block. Aside from that, it boasts as one of the networks with the largest number of servers located in about 60 countries. A good pick from the pack.

SurfShark: SurfShark provides one of the most reliable networks for streaming and can access over 15 Netflix libraries by default. Also, it is relatively less expensive than the previous two mentioned above. Aside from accessing Netflix, it can break other restricted areas.

CyberGhost: It provides one of the most secure VPN services with a high-speed network spread over 5000 servers. There’s room to connect to the random ports available from its servers. Very good for Netflix and a good price for the value.

Astrill VPN: Although, it is not as popular as the providers listed on this guide. Meanwhile, if it offers the needed value as regards this post, then why not add it to the pack. It is suitable for users that seek to access the Netflix library through mobile devices, especial an Android-powered operating system. The network speed is good and provides an anonymous VPN service.

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How to Bypass Netflix VPN Block [the guide]

Using the best VPN for Netflix is one of the best ways to bypass the block. This is because the top-notch providers allow users to connect to different port upon each connection, this makes it difficult for it to be identified therefore, it can’t be blocked.

Secondly, adopt a dedicated IP address; adopting a dedicated IP address from a top-notch VPN provider will not only bypass the block but grants unlimited access to Netflix libraries without being detected nor blocked. However, this feature is an exclusive offer at an additional cost.

With the information, go ahead and enjoy unlimited access to Netflix.

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