Udemy online course – Best course to offer in 2020

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz around the Udemy online course with many arguing over how viable are the certificates being offered, others are in doubt over the value placed on the courses by the instructors. While a huge population is indecisive on what course to offer. These and more questions keep arising.

But the good news is this if you’re looking for a reliable and more convenient platform to learn anything online, Udemy is the place to go. How do I know? – Aside from the fact that you can get your desired certificate [testimonial], the skills acquired from this platform can be an added advantage to every job seeker. It will also give you an edge in your field of expertise as a professional.

Why choose Udemy?

Although there are many online platforms with lots of similarities. However, a critical review on each of them will x-ray the advantages associated and the uniqueness likewise.

As for Udemy, the uniqueness revolves around the following:

  • Teachers/Tutors/Instructors have unlimited access to various classes of students from around the globe.
  • For the students: It creates a flexible platform for learning and removes the barrier created by distance, time and place.
  • Also, students have options to select from with respect to instructors.

Over the past decade, Udemy has grown to be one of the leading players in the e-learning industry, while offering professionals the opportunity to earn a living through the services they render and students, the opportunity to become professionals.

Best Course to offer on Udemy as a professional

Udemy online course for 2020

If you’re an instructor or still intending, here is a list of courses you can deliver on this educational platform. However, be mindful that the plan, design, and arrangement of a course program is solely your responsibility and its effect on your rating is very high.

  1. Courses On Blockchain Technology: Undoubtedly, the blockchain revolution is gradually taking over in the business and finance industries. With its decentralized network, the individual needs to understand its operation is on the rise. As such, a complete guide to understanding the blockchain technology will rank high among Udemy online course in 2020.
  2. Course On Digital Marketing: I won’t bore you with plenty of words on digital marketing. All you need to know is that it is marketing carried out using a digital platform like social media, radio, website, etc. A guide on how to make good use of digital platforms for effective marketing will be of great demand by 2020 and beyond.
  3. Course On Programming: Basically, it is less likely that there is any part of our daily life that technology doesn’t play a part in. Therefore, A good course on programming will be in demand too as many firms are seeking to employ good programmers.
  4. Course on Graphic Design: Somehow graphic design goes along with digital marketing. The effect of graphics on the psychology of consumers can’t be undermined.
  5. Course on Photography: This is another program that will be in demand in 2020. Images bring back emotions, thoughts, and stories. Apart from entertain and decorative purposes, it is also a psychological approach for stress management.

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Tips on Udemy Online Course for students

For students or those intending to enroll in Udemy online courses, here is what you should know about the platform.

Firstly, apart from the paid courses, there are a couple of free courses for anyone to try out.

Secondly, it is worthy to note that courses are always in video formats. So once you’ve purchased it, you can access it anytime from any device that is connected to the internet.


Though there is no student to teacher direct interaction like in the classroom, the platform has created a means for students to share their comments and questions through the feedback.

Also, pending the time the Udemy online courses become accredited, it can still be added in resumes as proof that you have some additional knowledge.

And for intending instructors, the Udemy e-learning platform offers you access to make some money. Tap into it today.

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