Top Skills Employers Seek in Job Market in 2021

Technology-driven careers are gradually taking over the job market and job roles that adapt to these new trends of Artificial intelligence and programs algorithms are among the top skills employers seek in 2021.

Speaking about the Future of Jobs, the World Economic Forum in 2020 reported that by the year 2025 about 85 million jobs may be displaced as a result of the shift in the division of labour between humans and machines.

In accordance with the report, many companies are expected to restructure their workforce to align with emerging technologies.

What this implies is that most positions or job functions currently occupied or handled respectively by humans will be relinquished to machines.

This is bad news for everyone believing to get something from the Job market in 2021 and beyond.

However, it could be an opening for those who can align with the new development. How do I mean?

There is a shift in skills demand, and though man-power will be low in demand, those with some relevant skills will not be phased out. This means that those who align with this trend will have a competitive edge over others in the job market.

To be able to remain relevant you must key into any of these top skills employers seek in the job market. Being skilled in any of these areas listed below will position you to land a job.

Top Skills Employers Seek in the Job Market

  1. UI/UX Design
  2. Software Development
  3. Data Science & Analytics
  4. Business Analysis
  5. Web Development
  6. Mobile App Development
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. SEO/SEM Marketing
  9. Video Production/Editing/Animation

UI/UX – User Interface/User Experience

The term UI which stands for User Interface is used to refer to how a user interacts with a digital device or product. It has to do with the display, feel, and all about the graphical layout of an application or website.

Just like graphic designers, UI designers deal with the visual concepts and screen layouts, they ensure that the application’s interface is visually appealing to users.

Page readability, transitions, images, and text-entry fields, all of these are the concern of a UI designer.

On the other hand, UX which stands for User Experience refers to the usability of a digital product or service. The term is credited to Don Norman, a co-founder of Neilsen Norman Group Design Consultancy and a cognitive scientist. He described UX thus;

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users’ interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

Don Norman

How easy it is for a user to interact with an app, a website, or a digital product. It works in alignment with User Interface.

Because of the advancement in technology and relative introduction to remote work, most companies have moved their businesses online, this increases the need for building projects that will make this shift a reality.

Therefore, as a job seeker, equipping yourself in-line with this new trend opens you up to many job opportunities.

You can take a course in this field on Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, EdX, or Udemy.

Software Development

Wikipedia defined software development as the concept of specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in the development and maintaining of applications, frameworks, or other software components.

Basically, there are three types of software development which include: system software, application software, and programming software.

System software deals with operating systems, hardware management, utilities, disk management, and anything that has to do with operational management.

Application software deals with the creation of task-performing applications like mobile, desktop, or web apps.

Programming Software involves the creation of programming tools that can be used to develop other types of software.

This is a vast field enough for anyone to craft a niche. This is key skill employers are seeking to meet up the demand for productivity.

Data Science & Analytics

Data analytics is one skill every company craves, according to Wikipedia, it is the process of analyzing data to discover useful information to support decision-making.

It takes into recognition the impact or influence the digital marketing strategies has on a company’s product or image. It tracks and measure every data the has an impact to make on a company.

Business Analysis

The job of a business analyst is to research and analyze the business needs of a company as well as to suggest solutions to business problems. It is all about problem identification and solving.

This is a vast area encompasing Business statistics, product management, data management and DBA – Digital Business Analysis.

Web Development

Web development is a programming niche that deals with the process of building and development of a website. Basically, it is concerned with the coding and programming that enables a website to function.

There are three basic conceptions that characterize Web development: Front-end development (Client-side Coding), Back-end development(Server-side coding), and Database technology.

These three work together and make up the core basics of web development.

This skill is high in demand as all businesses needs an online presence.

Mobile App Development

This niche involves the development of mobile apps – apps that work on mobile devices.

This is becoming a major demand as mobile technology continues to grow in numbers. Also, people find it easier to connect online through their mobile devices as it is handy and easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of digital media platforms to promote products and services. It utilizes all digital channels like social media, email, and blogs to grow businesses.

The good thing about it is that anybody can do it and every business needs it as well. It helps businesses get their products and services to targeted customers in any region globally.

This one of the top skills employers seek daily. Once you’re good at promoting goods and services using digital marketing strategies, you will have jobs looking for you.

SEO/SEM Marketing

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a web page in order to get more visibility on search engine result/response pages.

AS an SEO consultant, your work is to improve the quality of the content of a website by optimizing it to appear as a top option in search results, to get more attention and web traffic.

Search Engine Marketing is a paid SEO strategy aimed at boosting brand visibility online.

Good knowledge of this puts you at the forefront of landing a dream job with mouth-watering pay this year.

Video Production/Editing/Animation

Visual content attracts rapid attention so does video ad content. Video production and editing is the process of shooting and editing a film production or video advertisements. This is essential for digital marketing.

Also, Video animation is the process of adding animated functions or attributes to inanimate visual contents like still photos, figures, or static images. Also, it includes the infusion of comic gestures and cartoons.

This niche requires a high level of creativity and you can get a course on it from Coursera, EdX, SkillShare, Udemy, or local institutions.


Obviously, it is clear that the world of business is becoming technology-driven and to remain relevant you must act in line with the new trend.

Anyone can do well in any of the fields listed above, all you need is proper knowledge and guide.

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