Top Business Ideas that will fetch you Money ASAP in 2023

Previously, I talked about some failure-proof businesses to venture into, this time I want to talk about the top business ideas that will fetch you money within the shortest period of time. This is especially for those who want to make quick money in 2023.

Advancements in technology and robotics are gradually displacing a lot of people from their jobs and it is now clearly obvious that in a few years to come, there’ll be a shift in labor. That calls for panic, right?, but I don’t think so, I have figured out the top business ideas that will fetch you money ASAP in 2023. Anyone can do any of these businesses and swoop lots of cash home within the shortest period.

How Can I make money?

The best and easiest way to make money is to earn it and you can only earn lots of cash when you start selling services/goods. This is called giving “value” by some professionals in the industry. Therefore, this practically means that you must offer something for something.

However, there are some things you offer that may have a higher value over others and that means more money for you. Basically what adds value to your goods/services is the problem it solves.

The Best business ideas that will fetch you more money in 2021 – I have it all figured out and I’ll be sharing it with you. Mind you this information is given to you freely, it is your application and effort that determines how successful it pans out for you.

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Top Business Ideas that will fetch You Money

1. Delivery and Courier Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of delivery and courier services, during the lockdown you could only send and receive goods through the courier services. The logistics industry is ever-growing as people continue to use it to send and receive goods, especially e-commerce agents.

According to Jules from, “A courier service is a company, usually a private firm, that facilitates the shipping of parcels and important documents.” The author went further to explain the different types of courier services available in the market.

There are limitless opportunities in this niche, this is because of the movement of goods from the producers, to wholesalers, to retailers, and to the consumer. At each interval, there is always a movement that implies exchange and you know what? – money is involved.

To start making money you need to understand this business because it requires paying attention to details and time.

2. Web and App Development

Web and App development is another business idea that will put money in your pocket. Think about it, there are millions of enterprises seeking an online presence and that is where you come in as a web and app developer.

Basically, a Developer’s work is to create custom web software solutions to improve internal and external business operations just to boost workflow and sometimes to generate more ROI.

The job of developers is well explained in an article published at Mojobber. You should see check it out.

3. Online coaching and tutoring

These days people opt for online coaching programs in order to save time and money, you can guess, there can hardly be enough coaches to cater to the needs of this ever-growing audience.

Some of the reasons why online coaching will never fail as a business are because it offers services that add value to people’s lives, easily accessible and convenient choices for anyone.

No matter the niche you choose for your online coaching program, you have a vast audience already. All it requires is for you to be good at what you offer.

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4. Experience offering companies (events and tourism)

This is one area that really draws my attention and I am working on setting up my own event packaging and tourism firm. One reason this business will always fetch you money is that people will always spend cash to get the best experience from events to tourism.

A lot of people don’t mind spending a fortune if only they can get a mind-blowing experience of a lifetime, that is why the Grammy’s will always stand out – the event management puts in everything just to make it a memorable one.

Alright, let’s bring it down a bit. Think about a wedding program in your neighborhood, you can decide to be the event planner and manager as well as help get the couple the best location to spend their honeymoon and you’ll be paid handsomely for that.

5. Cleaning Services

One good thing about the cleaning service business is that it costs less to set up compared with the returns it generates.

To set up a good cleaning service business there are some basic tools and skills you should possess. Also, you can decide to do the work by yourself or hire labor to help you pull it through.

In my opinion, I think this business is one of the most sort businesses of the 21st century, this is because a clean environment breads good health.


The internet has made it easy for anyone to set up and excel in any business, but to be really successful in any of these businesses listed above, you need a background knowledge of digital marketing to help you scale through. It is one thing to set up a business and another to actually get your business to its target audience.

Subsequently, I’ll reveal to you some digital marketing strategies that will boost your business. Stick around.

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