The top smartphone photo editing apps

Android image processing apps

Are you a photographer who wants to improve the look of your photoshoots or you are an amateur looking for tips to get you started with good mobile photography. Here are the top smartphone photo editing apps that will change the look of your photos.

When it comes to photography, there are two processes. The first is the “Shooting” – this has to do with the type of camera, lighting, weather, and angles. The second aspect is the Image processing also known as editing. Image processing is a key factor in phone photography, how wonderful a picture is, have got a lot to do with the editing.

As for photo editing, there are many apps downloadable on your smartphone that can adjust and remove unwanted objects from the background of your photo. Now, your images can look like those of the pro if you use any of these top smartphone photo editing apps.

Top Smartphone Photo Editing Apps

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe is a top brand name when it comes to photo editing. This particular product Photoshop mix is a free photo editing app available for download on smartphones. It can merge and mask photos, you can clone yourself with the app. It is an amazing app for image processing.

Photo Lab

Android photo editing apps

If you love the art of editing then Photo Lab is the app for you. The effects have nice expression and it is completely adjustable. Also, you can add animated effects to your photos, change background colors and add facial effects. There are lots of filters on Photo Lab.


This is an incredible smartphone photo editing app. Select from the wide range of effects and filters to make your image processing easier also gives you a good finishing. The app is free and comes with rich editing functions.


As suggested by the name, the app is mainly for removing background objects from photos. There is a clone stamp to make blur photos come out clearer after any deletion. It goes for a subscription of about USD$2.55 and it is a onetime payment.


If you’re all about creativity then AfterFocus is the photo editing app for you. This app helps you get set Mid and BG focus for background depth while revealing the area that needs more focus. With this app, your phone photography is on another level.


This app has all the basic editing features and more – trust every product from Google. The Snapseed photo editing app has adjustable filters. Also, you can adjust portrait photos from the head position and size of the pupil. It is completely free, with no payment.


This is a powerful smartphone photo editing app. You can use it as an image processing app and as an in-camera app to help you make relevant adjustments during the photo shoot. With this app, you can adjust the colors of your photo. Like most apps mentioned in this article, PhotoDirector is free to download.

Photo Editor

If you like filters a lot then this is the best photo editing app for your smartphone. It comes with a countless number of filters, you can as well change the eye color. Also, there is a feature for creating collages. The annual subscription is about USD$9.99.


This is one of the apps to play around with if creativity and artistry is your sole desire. With this app, you can switch gender, make yourself look older or younger by selecting from a range of beards and hairstyles. The free version comes with less features. Upgrade to the Pro version to get more features.

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Apart from the photo editing apps mentioned in our list of top photo editing apps for Android, there are numerous editing apps you can download from the google play store that can serve almost the same purpose.

Meanwhile, regardless of the editing app, you are using, the most important thing about image processing and editing apps is to understand how the effects work and how to apply it to your photo in order to get a desired outcome.

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