The Top 4 Best Phones for Privacy & Security

How does mobile operating system determine smartphones privacy and security?

We can refer to mobile operating system as a software platform which creates a base upon which other programs can run on mobile devices. It determines the features that comes with the phone, synchronization, and third-party application that can be used on your device.

Most operating systems collect and sell your data to advertisers for personalized targeted adverts. Hence, the more you customize your phone the less your privacy is secure. But does that mean you should not customize your phone? No, here you will find out the top 4 best phones for privacy and security.

The Difference between Phone Privacy and Security

There is a clear difference between ‘Privacy’ and ‘Security’, Privacy relates to how data is being collected, handled and stored. While security has to do with the safety of such data.

Android collects and transmits data from mobile devices to Google servers. This can be sold to advertisers as stated earlier. Apple in contrast stores most of your data locally on your device though some data are collected to help customize the user experience.

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So What are the top 4 best phones for privacy and security

Before you continue with the list and review of the top 4 best phones for privacy and security, it may interest you to note that most (if not all) private-friendly smartphones are generally less intuitive and a little bit more complicated than ordinary phones. This is as a result of the inclusion of encrypted software.

Also, it supports fewer social platforms and lacks options for personalization. This is just one of the significant differences between your android or iPhone and a secure smartphone.

1. Purism Librem 5

For over 6 years Purism have made a name for itself as a go-to company for those looking for privacy-friendly Linux-based laptops and computers. The Purism Librem 5 is the company’s first smartphone and was launched as a crowd-funded project in 2017, but was released into the market towards the end of 2019.

Features of the Purism Librem 5

The Librem 5 runs on PureOS which prides as one of the best mobile operating system when it comes to phones privacy and security. It comes with a pre-installed free and open-source software (FOSS) which means no access to the Google Play store or other mainstream app stores.

This privacy-friendly mobile device uses the Pure Browser which is a modified version of firefox as it default browser with DuckDuckGo as the default search engine.

And just to make it serve you better when it comes to privacy and security, the phone comes with three hardware-based killswitches that perform the functions;

  • Disable the camera and microphone completely,
  • Remove power from the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adaptors,
  • Shutdown all network connectivity including GPS.

Also, contrary to Google and Apple, Purism commits to regular update for the novel Librem 5. This makes it one of the best phones to look out for when you’re a concerned about the privacy and security of your phone.

2. Sirin Finney

The Sirin Finney is a privacy-oriented smartphone powered by Sirin OS and built to satisfy the need for a secure cryptocurrency transactions. It comes with a multilayer protection system which we can refer to as the BlockShield.

Features of the Sirin Finney

One of the most important features that may interest you, this is the reason it peaks as one of the most secure privacy-friendly phones is the integration of the BlockShield – a kind of multilayer protection system that provides a primary level of security and privacy authentication like IP address hiding and Mac address randomization.

Also, with a hardware root of trust system this gadget ensures that no component has been tampered with before booting up. This goes along with a feature known as Trusted Display aimed at protecting all inputs-such as touch on the screens, using ARM’s TrustZone so you can be safe from hackers that may try to use keylogger.

In addition, the Siri Finney comes with a behavior-based Intrusion Prevention System which uses machine learning on the IPS to detect attacks from every aspect of the phone. Secondly, it comes with a number of secured apps to ensure all your communications like email and voice call are encrypted using ProtonMail and Koolspan Trust Call app for this respective tasks.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a Secure Element which acts as a security chip to manage all sensitive transactions and isolate private data. This chip manages the Samsung Pass, Secure Folder, and other security features.

Features of Samsung S20 Ultra

This privacy-friendly mobile device is injected with a Device Root Key (a cryptographic key) accessible from the Secure Element unique to each device and is used with the Secure Boot Key to detect any malicious attempt to tamper with the operating system or bootloader.

The Samsung security feature is powered by Samsung Knox, a combination of hardware and software that provides deep-level protection at the SoC. Now, in combination with these keys it is impossible to flash custom software on the Galaxy S20 Ultra without trippin the Knox Counter.

With the power of the Knox protecting your privacy, your phone will automatically reset itself after a series of failed login attempt up to 15 times. This protects your phones privacy extensively.

Also, with your security and privacy in mind, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is powered by Android 10 OS, the most secure and stable version aimed at protecting your safety while using apps or browsing the web. And Samsung is committed to give security updates to there products.

4. Apple iPhone 11

If you’re privacy-enthused then Apple iPhone 11 is one of the option to consider. Of course, iPhone prides itself as one of the most secure mobile platforms and with the improvements in the iOS 13 and Face ID it makes just an option if privacy and security is your concern.

Features of the Apple iPhone 11

One of the security features that is significant with the iPhone 11 is the iCloud Keychain which allows you to store and generate new passwords for your apps. This passwords are encrypted with keys stored in the Secure Enclave for maximum protection.

The Apple iPhone 11 and above runs on the latest iOS mobile operating system which features 6.1-inch retina display and is dust and waterproof. Also, it uses Face ID for biometric authentication making it the best biometric smartphone so far.

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