The Top 10 Free Video Call Apps for Android Phone & Tablet

The video chat was marred in the past by poor network coverage and lags from service providers, however, that has been fixed over the years with lots of products competing in the market while providing the same services. Here is a rundown of the 10 best free video call apps that guarantee an interactive video call chat in 2020.

However, before I proceed, I’d like to add that these Android video call apps can be downloaded from the play store and are absolutely free to use. The service relies mainly on good wifi connections or 3G network coverage for a face-to-face video chat.

The Top 10 best free video chat apps in 2020


Though it appears to be one of the oldest and most popular video chat apps. It maintains the top spot when it has to do with availability and flexibility – this app is simply on point. Unlike most apps of its kind, the Skype app allows users to share files, online group video calls, and send messages.

Also, users can make a call to a mobile or landline using the app (good for emergencies). That’s not all of it, the big catch here is that you can use the Skype app on your Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and other digital devices.

Google Hangouts

Google knows just how to stay top of the game, the Google Hangout is not just a free video call app, it allows users to make free voice call once integrated with the Google Voice Number. In addition, you can share files, send direct messages and stream videos in real-time.

Likewise, you can create a group chat involving up to 10 people and let me not fail to add that images shared during call sessions are saved privately in the Google+ album. And all of these comes at no fee, this is alternatively the best free video call app to download on your android phone aside Skype.

Google Duo

Since its debut in 2016, Google Duo has not only brought a lot of improvement into the video calling niche, it also came along with fun features to add up to the excellent user experience. One such feature is the “Knock Knock” feature that lets you see the live video of your caller before you accept the call. Amazing right?

Alright, let me drop another bombshell, the app enables users to send video messages with text and emojis (useful in time of emergency). Also, users are allowed to bock contacts from calling them at any time.


There is this native saying that says “it takes two to tango” however, unlike the popular tango dance, the Tango video chat accommodates a lot more people. It is estimated to have over 4 million users and is available on all devices.

The app allows users to find and connect with friends nearby making it more of a social media platform. In addition, users can add filter effects during live video chats and you can as well play online games during a chat.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the social networks with the most audience thus far, its video call feature is arguably one of the best in terms of service and usage – you just need to hit the chat button then the video icon to start a video chat on Facebook, but that is the elementary knowledge.

Also, you can send audio and image files through the platform. As an interactive platform, users can play challenge games online, add filters during a video call session and emojis just for expression of feelings.

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Also one of the most popular and easy to use video call apps. It is absolutely free however, you’ll be charged if you must place a call to mobile phones or landline. It is available for download on all devices that enable face-to-face video calls.

Other free video call apps that made it to our top 10 list include the following: Viber, KakaOtalk, Signal, and Oovoo.

At this point, I’d like to add a little twist to the article as I introduce the R-Hub Hd, it allows you to make video conference call on-demand but at a cost. This option is for business purposes – give it a try now.

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