The Grammys – How to stream 2020 Grammy awards live

Stream 2020 grammy awards live

The 2020 grammy award event is scheduled to hold on the 26th day of January 2020, this will be the 62nd anniversary of the prestigious award and will be hosted by no other than the amazing songstress/songwriter Alicia Keys with wonderful artists like Blake Shelton, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Gwen Stefani and Aerosmith billed to perform on the stage.

This year promises to be a lot more exciting as the world is set to watch first time nominees like Billie Eilish and Lizzo thrill the audience with outstanding vocals and artistic performance. You sure would not like to miss out on the show. Below is how you can watch or stream 2020 grammy awards live.

How to stream 2020 Grammy awards

The 62nd Grammy award event will be on a live broadcast on CBS and streamed live in real-time. The following is how you can connect online to stream 2020 Grammy awards.

1. Through CBS All Access

CBS is one of America’s on-demand live tv streaming service and it has been officially announced that the whole event of the night will be streamed live on this platform. You can signup for an account today to catch up on the program or use the free trial version which lasts only but 7 days. Get started today.

2. Through Hulu Live Tv

Hulu is one of the US’ on-demand video streaming giants. The event will also be on live streaming on Hulu Tv, therefore consider signing up for an account or renewing your subscription. However, if you’re outside America you can consider another option or use the guide here to access Hulu.

3. Youtube Tv

If you can’t access the options above, consider connecting live through Youtube tv. This should be an easier means to catch up on the event, however, you might need a stronger network to enjoy the live streaming service.

4. On Twitter and

Whether this last option will stream the event live is not clear to me at the moment, however, both are slated to air the pre-event ceremony.

Be sure not to miss any part of the program.

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