The 10 Best Snapchat Games to play with Friends

Playing snap games with friends online is another way to bond together on the lip-syncing social network. Most of the best Snapchat games can be played collaboratively as a team or competitively against each other, that’s how Snapchat makes its platform more engaging for users.

From a range of battle games, sports, adventures, and puzzles, there are many genres of role-playing games you can select from this list of best Snapchat games. Some of these games offer a leaderboard feature, so you can compete and compare your scores with friends.

One amazing feature of the snap games is that you’re allowed to invite up to 28 users on Snapchat as spectators. Though this is not supported by all the games on the platform, most of them support up to 8 players at a go.

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Top 10 Best Snapchat Games to Play with friends

1. Tiny Royale: This is a battle styled game where you have to fight to survive. Your chance at survival is to make sure you stay alive when everyone is down. So, you must keep shooting till you’re the last man standing.

2. Zombie Rescue Squad: As interesting as it can be, the game place you and your squad in a rescue mission to save helpless friends from a zombie attack. The are plenty of combo and gems to spice up the game, so you must be keen to catch up with them.

3. Bitmoji Party Games: In Bitmoji party games you create your own Bitmoji character and compete with up to 7 friends on a wide range of games ranging from Pool party – avoid being knocked down, Spin Session – Maintaining a steady balance on the wheel, Zombie Escape – running from Zombies, and more. A game master is selected for each game, so you can see who’s the best. This is one of the best competitive games on Snapchat.

4. Find My Friends: This game can be likened to a puzzle, you have to search and find your friends among the numerous Bitmoji characters flying around. You have to get it all right before you win. It has a leader-board that displays the name of the top players.

5. Alphabear Hustle: This is one of the collaborative games that made it among the best Snapchat games to play with friends. Here, you cooperate with friends to form words as fast as you can to build a village.

6. Smart Rush: This is a competitive trivia board game setup, you are to answer questions correctly in a roll, any mistake will have you miss a turn for the next player. The first person to get to the finish line wins the game.

7. Closet Skeletons: If you’re familiar with the truth or dare game pattern then you’d fascinated at how the Closet skeleton throws questions at you that will make you reveal some of your deepest secrets. It is funny and you can compare answers with friends.

8. C.A.T.S Drift Race: This is a racing game where your aim is to make sure that you race faster than everyone competing against you while maintaining a good trail on the track. You can invite friends to compete with you and the winners with best scores are listed on the leaderboard.

9. Bitmoji Tennis: Just like most Bitmoji games, you have to be able to control your character to effectively play this game. The user with the best control wins over those with poor control. You can compete with friends on this game to see who is better.

10. Ready Chef Go: The aim here is to manage your time while you prepare and serve your guests with food. You get tips and bonuses for your services and time efficiency. You can also unlock a new restaurant with your skills and proper time management.

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