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Sugardaddie dating review

It is not unusual that older rich men like hooking up with younger girls and the truth is girls will always go for the men who will give them financial assistance and security. This is called sugar dating, where an old wealthy man [sugar daddy] seeks the companionship of a beautiful and attractive sexy young lady [sugar babe].

There are many dating sites but only a few are strictly for those seeking sugar dating. Sugardaddie dating site is one of the dating sites for rich men who are willing to provide financial support for their sugar babies in exchange for their time and affection. Why most people prefer this kind of relationship is that both parties get satisfaction with less emotional ties. It is also a medium through which young girls get acquainted with affluent men.

sugardaddie dating site

Just like the name, a sugar relationship is all about the benefits which are based on agreed terms. Basically, Sugardaddie dating is mainly for companionship but it can include sexual favors and generous give away in monetary and material aspects.

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Sugardaddie dating site was established in 2002 and has about 6million members. Based on the statistic, it has been revealed that about 1million unique members register with Sugardaddie dating monthly.

The pros and cons

On the pros – it has a free and easy registration process, the site also maintains high quality profile for its members.

Matching – you get suggestions on possible match and you can indicate if you’d like to meet with the person you have been matched with by clicking the Yes or No button.

Pricing – The site offers a 7 days trial for new members and different subscription plans for members. The subscription plans goes thus:

  • 1 month subscription plan – $29.99/month
  • 3 months subscription plan – $19.99/month
  • 6 months subscription plan – $18.33/month
  • 12 months subscription plan – $14.16/Month

Payment can be made through credit card or mobile phone.

On the cons – dating is limited to people within your area. Also, there is no mobile app for this dating site.

How to Register for a dating account with SugarDaddie dating site

The registration process is an easy one on Sugardaddie dating site. However, you must provide valid and complete personal details.

First, you will provide a valid email that will be verified and a link sent to you via email for you to continue with the registration process.

After you must have been through with the account setup and verification phase. You will be redirected to the site to set up your profile. At this point, you will be asked to complete your profile details by filling in your age, country, hobby, income and etc.

Sugardaddie dating site 2019

In conclusion, the Sugardaddie dating site is available in select countries and has been in operation for over 15 years. It is rated among the top dating sites for those seeking sugar relationships. Signup today.

Based on customer review, we can say that the site meets the average needs of its clients with a stylish modern design. This makes good impression on new members.

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