Stream the Best Cloud Gaming Service in 2020 – A Review

The term ‘cloud gaming’ has become a tradition for game lovers – what’s more fun than having your favorite games streamed directly to your device on demand…, lately many gaming industries have been tapping into the cloud to provide a better and new age gaming service for users – here in this post is a list of the best cloud gaming service for 2020.

Also referred to as Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS), this emerging technology makes the whole gaming experience more exciting and interesting. If you are new to this term refer to our review on Understanding Cloud gaming and how to use it. That having been pointed out, let’s go-ahead to take a look at the best cloud gaming service so far.

Best Cloud Gaming Services


Shadow is a good option for gamers, it offers exciting variety of games with a good interface. One of the pros of the Shadow online game streaming is that it does not compromise on its resolution as it promises subscribers to expereience 4k streaming irrespective of their device.

What it implies is that users experience high-end graphic display upon subscribtion. However, one of the cons is that it is yet restricted to some geographical regions.

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GeForce Now

Though this program is still in the beta version but the services rendered is ‘out of the box.’ Wih an ultra speed network, users need not to worry about lagging during play. Also the resolution is impressive with a variety of games to select from the massive library.

The service also allows you connect multiple devices to one account. However, there is no pricing place on this service for now.

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PlayStation Now

The Sony PlayStation Now offers one of the best cloud gaming services with a seven (7) day free trial period. There is also option to download your favorite games to your PC or console.

As at the time of this post, the PlayStation Now remains the platform with the most variety of games on their server. However to enjoy this service you might have to own a PS4 game console.

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Vortex offer one of the most flexible online game streaming services. It is easy to setup and use. Also, the pricing is relatively cheap, although, there are limited options of games to choose from, however, the platform offers some of the most interesting games you can find on the cloud.

It also support multiple devices. On the pro side of Vortex is the option to cancel a plan is you don’t find it interesting.

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Parsec offers a bit notch on their services with a peer-to-peer (P2P) option to spice up the gaming experience of members. Apart from the gaming services, Parsec has a provision for users to purchase a gaming PC from its online store.

Unlike most cloud gaming services, Parsec can run on various devices and operating system.

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Google Stadia

Yes, Google Stadia made it on the list. It is the future of cloud gaming as Google posses one of the fastest servers, therefore there is no doubt the Google Stadia will be great. So far, the service is available in about 36 countries in the world.

One of the features that makes the Stadia stand out from the pack is the introduction of the ‘crowd play’ feature which allows the live streaming of games in real time. This interesting features will attract the influx of new users as long as it lasts.

Also, Google offers a game controller for user who may like to play from the home TV

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