Stranger Things Season 4 Drops on Netflix 2020

The last episode of Stranger Things 3 ended quite interestingly but creates so much suspense that is left to be calmed in season 4. With Hopper presumed to be dead and Eleven yet to recover her lost powers. However, from the teaser “intro to the stranger things Season 4,” Hopper finds his way back to life from the dead to faraway Russia.

The filming of the season 4 of Stranger Things is already ongoing, excerpts from Netflix reveal that most scenes will be shot outside Hawkins. With the name of the first episode tagged “The Hellfire Club” possibly this could be more tragic than the just concluded episode from the last season. The complete season 4 is slated to be ready for web streaming on Netflix towards the latter end of August, but what are we expecting?

What to Expect in Stranger Things season 4

The new Stranger Things 4 will have nine 9 chapters in all and is set to be ready come 5th of August 2020. Obviously, expectations for the new season are high as we look forward to seeing Eleven figure out how to regain her powers and team up with the gang for a possible rescue mission. Meanwhile, the Russians have nothing stopping them on the quest to lay hands on the Powers that be – will they finally be in control?

As for Hopper, no doubt his safety is compromised in the Russian territory, after causing the loss of many Russian souls during the tussle that led to the explosion of the machine at the mall. Does he have an escape plan? what is his fate? how long can he survive the harsh weather and the prying eyes seeking his life? Maybe, Eleven will come to his rescue but that will be when she gains back her powers, how long before that will be…?

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What about Dr. Brenner, how will he help, does he have an answer or a better plan. This time he has to prove how authentic his counsel, probably he can be the only hope for the team. No doubt there are a lot of questions to be answered with the comeback of Stranger Things 4.

Keep your fingers crossed as the most promising series is set to hit Netflix web streaming soon. Meanwhile, get news and update about the official release.

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