How to Set up Two-Steps Verification on Facebook | Step-by-step guide

Setting up Two-steps verification on your Facebook account will prevent your account from being hacked. This is a good way to stay safe online and protect most of your personal and private information you might have stored online using Facebook from potential hacks.

There is no doubt, many of us use our Facebook accounts to keep connection with friends, share videos and images. Also, most of us use it for business purposes; to run adverts and tutorials through the Livestream. These and more are reasons we should protect it.

Fortunately, the Two-steps verification also known as two-factor authentication is available on Facebook, and users are advised to take advantage of it to make sure their account is safe from being hacked.

How to Set up Two-steps Verification on Facebook

Luckily, Facebook have made it very simple for users to setup two-steps verification with ease. Follow the steps below to enable it on your Facebook account.

1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to Settings. If you’re using desktop, click on the inverted triangle on the top right of the tool bar and select settings from the options displayed.

2. From the options on the section by the left, Select Security and Login.

3. You will see different security options, scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication, and select “Use two-factor authentication”.

4. Next, select a security method, you can choose Authentication App if you have one or Text message. Please use the one that is most convenient for you.

5. A Test code will be sent to you via the security medium you selected. Enter it in the space provided and finish up with the two-step verification set up.

Now you have tighten up your security on Facebook by enabling the two-factor authentication, you can do the same on Gmail and prevent it from being hacked by fraudulent internet users.

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