Secure your Zoom meeting & Prevent Zoom bombing – A step-by-step guide

You can prevent Zoom bombing amidst all the security hitches. There is an interruption of zoom meetings by hackers to show obscene scenes like pornographic ads and similar things.

The Zoom video call app has witnessed a massive influx of users in recent times, this is a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With about 200 million daily users, there is an increase in the number of spam actors looking for ways to hack into the app.

The good news is this, there are some special features that you can use to secure your zoom meetings and prevent Zoom bombers. Most of the features are not enabled on default, so, you have to enable it on your own. This step-by-step guide will help you through the process.

How to secure your zoom meeting to prevent Zoom bombing

1. Use unique ID and Password for your calls

After creating a Zoom account, a Personal Meeting ID (PMId) will be assigned to you. This is the code you distribute to contacts when you want to meet with them. Yes, the PMI is auto generated but you can disregard it and generate a unique ID. This will help prevent zoom bombing by keeping your zoom meeting secure.

2. Create a Waiting Room

Creating a waiting room will help you keep things organized and safe for all members of any zoom meeting that you host. Members can log in and see the waiting room meanwhile they can’t get into the call until you let them in. With this option you can decide to let everyone in at the same time. In any case you start seeing strange names you can decide not to let such ID into the meeting.

3. Don’t allow participants to share your screen

While setting up a Zoom meeting, make sure that you review the settings and allow only the hosts to share their screens. This is how to turn on the “Don’t allow screen sharing” feature on.

  • Log on to zoom online portal (through the web).
  • Go to Personal Settings.
  • Select the option marked “In Meeting (Basic)”.
  • Next, select Screen Sharing, and click on the option “Only the host can share”.

4. Always Lock Your Meetings

Once your zoom meeting kicks off, check if all invitee has joined and lock it from new participants. This is very easy, follow the steps below;

  • While the meeting is ongoing, look at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Participants, a panel opens.
  • From the panel select “More” and click on “Lock Meeting”.

This will keep your Zoom meeting safe and secure from Zoom bombing.

5. Kick unwanted participants out

The Zoom app gives you the right to kick unwanted participants out of a meeting completely, it also allows you to put them on hold if you don’t want to kick them out. This action is easy to initiate, follow the steps below;

  • During meeting look at the bottom of the zoom page and click on security.
  • Select “Remove” and click on the participant you want to kick out of the meeting.

Use the safe practices listed in this guide to help you secure your Zoom meeting and prevent Zoom bombing. Meanwhile if you are having difficulties while using your Zoom app you can get tips on how to use your Zoom like a pro.

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