How to Remove Reviews from Facebook – Tips for Business Page

Negative reviews are hurtful and can bring down your brand especially on Facebook. Anyone can pretend it does not affect them but you can do better than that – remove it completely.

People can be very vocal on the internet, and social media makes it very easy for people to drop words any how they like.

A lot of consumers take to your Facebook business page to publicly post complaints. While some may be genuine, there are others out to pull down your image because of bottled grudges or whatever be their reasons.

Why must you Remove Negative Reviews from your Facebook business page

Truthfully, ease of communication have a lot of positive impact on customer services and at the same time, an atom of misinformation or negative review can drive a million trusted customers away in just few seconds.

It takes time and resources to build audience trust on Facebook but it takes just few seconds to loose a million audience.

More 84% of your consumers trust online reviews and increasingly people go to your social media profile to read reviews and ratings.

It is to your advantage to make sure that you don’t help people to help you chase customers away and bring you down on Facebook. That is why you must remove negative reviews on Facebook.

Facebook has an option to remove reviews but this does not allow you to filter them before removal. However, there are some work round hacks that will help you to get rid of negative reveiws on Facebook.

Let’s proceed with How to remove reviews on Facebook but you must note that it will remove also the good reviews and so it is not regarded as the best option for you.

How to Remove Reviews from Facebook Page

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook go to your pages, always make sure that you make all changes on your page platform and not on your personal account.

Step 2: Now on your page, click on “Settings”, usually at the top of the page in the classic Facebook. Now you can access the settings option by the left column of your page when displayed on desktop. It is the last option.

Step 3: From the settings page select the “templates and tabs” options from the list of options tagged page settings by the left of the page on desktop.

Step 4: On the Templates and tabs settings, scroll through till you see the option marked “Reviews” slide the toggle to the left to turn it off completely.

By following the steps above you will turn off the reviews and all negative reviews will be wiped out on your Facebook business page.

But there is one question yet unanswered, and what is it?

Can I remove one bad review from my Facebook page?

Bad reviews are irritating and hurtful. There are few workarounds you can use to remove a single bad review from your Facebook business page. This may take some time but it is worth doing.

Let us look at few things you can do to get rid of bad or negative reviews.

How to Set Up Two-Step Verification on Facebook.

How to remove reviews from Facebook (separately)

There are two ways you can use to remove reviews from Facebook especially unwanted or negative ones.

  • Report a fake or false review,
  • Page Moderation.

Report a fake or false review

  • Go to reviews sections on your business page.
  • Locate the particular review you want to remove.
  • Beside the review box, check for three dots and an exclamation box. Click on the exclamation box and select the options to suits best the review you want to remove.
  • You may be required to explain why you want to have the review removed, do as occasion demands and proceed.
  • After completing the steps you will wait for a while for the Facebook team to delete it.

Meanwhile you can use the steps below to moderate the words used on your Facebook business page.

How to use Page Moderation to remove Negative Reviews on Facebook

  • Go to your Facebook business page and click on “Settings”.
  • From the page settings scroll through and locate Page Moderation.
  • Click on the Edit on the right end on the of the Page Moderation option.
  • Proceed to add the words or phrases you wish to block from your Facebook page.
  • Save your changes at the end and exit.

You can read more to see how to prevent negative reviews on Facebook

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