Your Phone Landscape camera shot will not be the same if you use these tips

It is no longer doubtful that some smartphone comes with improved camera that can compete comfortably with most average point-and-click camera. Phones like the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and some other high-end smartphones can even compete with some DSLRs.

Good phone landscape camera shotPersonally I’ve been on a research – what makes a good landscape photo and I noticed something; that irrespective of how sharp the blade is, if the barber is not skilled, the hair cut will be messy.

No, I’m not saying that you’re not skilled, all I’m saying is that you can apply these tips to make your landscape camera shot appear more professional.

Truthfully, most of the tips here work perfectly on the recent smartphone versions, however, not limited, as some may work even on your old Android or iOS version. Find out what works for you from what I’ll show you here and share your experience too.

Tips that will add spice to your Landscape Camera shot

Plan your Shots

Depending on just your phone to take a good landscape shot is a mistake. You should plan your shots; know where and what effect you want to be captured on the photo, also, get your gears ready and make sure you leave nothing behind.

Gears not to leave behind

Clip-on phone lenses

Clip-on phone lenses are a good one for you if your phone lacks a built-in wide-angle range. Perhaps, you have the new iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10 and the likes, if so, you’re safe. However, I recommend it for all who want to shoot a great landscape photo. Why – because it helps capture a wider angle while you avoid the digital zoom on your phone. It is good for you, I can’t say less.

Smartphone Filter adapter

In as much as it is something you need to help you get the best out of your photo shoot on your phone, it helps protect the camera lens from scratching. It improves the quality of your photo-shoot and reduces reflections on water while shading the upper part of the image to balance the bright skies when shooting wide landscapes.

Phone Charger and Power-bank

This is just as important as your phone, do not make the mistake of leaving your phone charger or power-bank behind when going out to take a landscape shot. Get a power-bank if you don’t have one yet and make it a handy tool henceforth.

Dress comfortable

Always dress smart, this is very important because good shots has to do with you being comfortable. So, do not go with clothes that will not give you the desired comfort.

Review Your Camera Settings

This is one vital thing most professionals don’t joke with and if you aspire for the best always do this often – review your camera settings, get the latest updates on latest apps to help you with clear and balanced images.

If your phone allows you to make manual control settings do use it but if not (as in most cases) go for apps like; MuseCam, Moment, or Lighthouse, that will give you access to manual settings control with a lot of flexibility.

Be mindful that going for any of the apps mentioned above or anything similar may require you to learn this controls and that is the essence because this is one guarantee that you are on the verge of hitting your target of a great landscape camera shot.

Start Early and Finish Late

Proper Lighting makes a good photo-shoot, this is applicable to all, however, in terms of landscape photography, it is always advisable to shoot early in the morning when the sun is rising and later in the evening when the sun is setting.

Why? – If you are yet to figure out why it is good to start early and finish late think of the similarity between the two. Yes, this is because during these times of the day the sun intensity is low and sits right into the horizon thereby creating a directional light effect that sends a shadow cast that suits perfectly into any landscape scene. Try this and compare it with a shot taken at mid-day.

I’d like to have your feedback, you can share through the comment section.

Take advantage of the weather

My advice for you is to always pay attention to the weather anytime you’re going for any outdoor photo-shoot. Most times it makes a huge impact on the outcome of the shot.

Now, based on the artistic effect you may like to create on a scene, the weather can help to bring out the emotions, enthusiasm, and colors.

Actually, there is no bad weather condition for taking landscape camera shot, it all depends on the emotion and the message you want to pass through with your shot.

Therefore, I urge you to take advantage of this particular trip, it is just as important as everything you already know about a good landscape photoshoot. You can take some time and see more tips about weather and landscape photography.

Focus on your Composition

Composition in photography like landscape shots depend solely on individual preference or personal taste. You can apply composition to your shots in different ways but keep in mind the rules guiding it.

The landscape composition rule is nothing but just a blueprint for you to explore on. You don’t have to obey all rules but get from it and expand on it to get the desired result.

Below are some of the most important rules for great composition;

1. The Rule of Thirds

This is popular among artists and photographers, it is a guideline that helps you to draw the viewers’ attention towards the subject of your composition. Virtually, your image is divided into thirds, vertically and horizontally with the focal object sitting at the intersection where the dividing lines meet.

To make it easier for beginners, this rule suggests that you give more attention to the subject of your composition by making sure that it sits comfortably in the catchy center.

For a landscape shot, try to create a ratio of 2:1 between the area your subject is and the other environment in the scene.

2. Create Vanishing Point

Creating a vanishing point in landscape photos adds a bit of 3D effect and drama. The vanishing point is nothing else than the imaginary point where two parallel lines meet. It is always catchy and takes the viewer on a journey of virtual discovery.

3. Leading Line

Leading lines are unique elements to also look out for in a landscape composition. Pay attention to the environment and look out for pathways, Grafiti walls, waterfalls and long trailing elements that travels through the scene. This allows the eyes to focus on it while exploring the whole scene from its perspective.

Use Editing App

Though editing is just for finishing the good shot, it is also as important as every tip here.

There are a couple of good editing apps for download, some are free while you can get the pro for a few cents.

Editing apps will help you correct whatever error you might discover after your shots. Also, it will add more intensity to brighten and turn your shot to a masterpiece.


The secret to a great photo-shoot is consistency, perhaps you’ve been hitting it on and off but you want to always get a nice outcome from your photo shots. My advice is this – don’t take my tips more seriously than the action itself. Take action today with what you’ve been able to get from the tips here, put them to work and tweak them to make sure you get just what you want. Gratias!

I can’t wait for your feedback!

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