Monzo – Guide on How to Reset Your Monzo PIN

Monzo - How to reset your monzo pin

Monzo is a mobile-only digital bank based in the UK. Established in 2015 and operates through a mobile app and a prepaid debit card [ which must have a Monzo PIN for it to be valid]. Also, in June 2019, Monzo announced its commencement to offering services to clients in select states of the United States.

The bank’s mode of operation is through its mobile app available for IOS and android users. However, a prepaid debit card is issued to clients to use in making payments anywhere around the world.

Recently, the bank has urged its clients to update their Monzo PIN due to a breach in security that caused user details to be exposed to non-authorized staffs. This post has been designed to help you with the process of updating your Monzo PIN.

How to Reset Your Monzo PIN

The process of resetting your monzo pin is a very easy one. All you need is your present monzo pin, your monzo debit card and access to a good high-street Automated Teller Machine. Follow the process below to get your Monzo pin updated.

1 Visit a good Automated Teller Machine [ATM]

2 Slot your monzo debit card and enter your present PIN

3 Next, select PIN service from the options that will pop out on the screen

4 Proceed by choosing ‘Select a new PIN’

5 Now is the time to type in your new Monzo PIN. My advise is that you use a password that you can remember, you can write it down in a secure place where only you can have access to it.

More so, Monzo has announced that most high-street ATM can be able to render this service. However, they recommend ATMs like that of Barclays, Lloyds, and HSBC as top service providers and there is a link on Monzo site to help you locate the one closest to you.

For clients who are oversea, you can use any cash machine to reset your PIN but the management warns that it may not go through sometimes. Therefore, it is better to do it in the UK. However, if you can’t get it done overseas. You can contact Monzo through the chat feature on its mobile app [IOS and android] and request for a new card. The card will be sent to you with a new PIN which you can access through the app.

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Monzo is a digital bank that operates through its mobile app. Now you have learned how to reset your Monzo PIN, it is also advisable that you update your Monzo mobile app to enable you to get more from the bank that is popularly referred to as ‘Bank of the Future’

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