Mistakes Job Applicants Make Before A Job Interview

The truth is, your first moments of a job interview matters a lot! Many job candidates ignore the very basic things an applicant should do, thus, failing to land any job in the end. Mind you; job interviews are the determinants of whether you will be hired or not. So, if you should screw things up at this stage, it means all your efforts to get the job are gone.

Therefore, if you have had difficulties securing a job in the past, it could be as a result of those little things you neglected. Below, I’m going to share those mistakes job applicants make before the job interview that can deny them a job.

Mistakes Job Applicants Make That Can Cost Them The Job

Below in this article are the most common mistakes job applicants make before the job interview. You should be able to secure any job with these little tips after this article.

1. Arriving Late or Too Early for an Interview

Just like in other things we do, you and I know that first impressions matter a lot. And in landing a job, it’s no different. Here, your first impression can secure or deny you a job. How? When you run late for a job interview, it practically suggests poor time management. Likewise, it shows that you belittle the company, the position you run for, and even your interviewer.

On the other hand, arriving too early for a job interview can as well irritate a hiring manager. Because it can disorganize their schedule. Hence, to be on the safer side, you must arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes early in any job interview. That way, you can get through the important things before the main deal – the interview. Master the art of timing!

2. Appearing Inappropriately

Being sensitive to the things you wear to a job interview is an added advantage for winning the heart of your interviewer. Thus, it’s a necessity to differentiate between a professional dressing code and an unprofessional one. No company would like to have their potential staff appear for a job interview looking tattered.

Meanwhile, you should understand that a job interview is quite different from a fashion show, but it is essential that you look neat, well-dressed, and put together, no matter who is interviewing you.

3. Forgetting to Bring your Resume to an Interview

You might argue that in most case scenarios, the hiring manager would already be with your resume. That’s right, but days are not always the same, things can slightly be different on some days. Sometimes, an interviewer might be busy or not very organized and he or she might not be with your resume at the time of your interview. Thus, when you make the mistake of leaving your resume behind and it happens that your interviewer does not have a copy of it at that point, you could get skipped to interview a better-prepared candidate.

With that, it means there no harm in going to an interview with multiple copies of your resume. So that you won’t get stuck.

4. Saying More than Necessary

Most job applicants make the mistake of trying to impress their employers with words without knowing that the more they say, the more common they appear. Coupled with that, it’s so much irritating to interview someone who goes on and on. When an interview, it’s advisable to keep your private life off the topic unless if it’s part of the discussion. It is not relevant to let your interviewer know of your whole life story.

Therefore, keep your answers concise and straight to the point. Focus on the question being asked and know when to stop because the more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.

5. Looking Unprepared

It’s not just good enough to know only the basics of where you worked and when because your interviewer might probably ask you more than that. So demonstrating a basic knowledge of the role you applied for or providing clear examples of your past projects or performances would say a lot about your readiness for the job.

However, when you seem unprepared, your interviewer might take advantage of the allotted time and flash you with questions that you would find challenging to deal with. So, best prepare yourself for the interview by reviewing the possible questions to expect and how to answer them. It is also essential to equip yourself with a list of questions to ask. Your interviewer can ask if you have any questions for him or her.

Looking unprepared will make it seem as if you just showed up for the interview after only glancing at the company’s offer. And as a result, you can be overlooked for the job.

Take Away

The mistakes job applicants make before the job interview, as seen above, are very tricky but can be disruptive. If you are not sensitive to these fundamentals, you could end your prime from one job desk to another without securing any valuable one. So, before your next time out, make sure that you evaluate yourself based on these factors we mentioned in this article to make sure that you didn’t repeat your mistakes all over again!

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