Mastodon Account Login | Step-by-step guide

A decentralized open-source platform encouraging you to host a social media website, Mastodon is not just a social network, it is a hub that translates very well to individual lifestyle and preferences. Create your Mastodon account login today with this guide.

Recently, Twitter is being ditched for Mastodon, because it offers you just everything you can get on Twitter with less adverts and incessant political shows that over hauls your Twitter news feed. With different “Instances” to help you connect with other users, Mastodon is not just an alternative to others but a next level social media platform.

Unlike other social media website, creating a Mastodon account may seem a bit difficult because it isn’t monolithic. It is a federated service that have many sites referred to as “Instances” running on the Mastodon software. Once you login to your Mastodon account, you’ll be able to connect with other users on different instances.

Alright, let us skip the theory and get to the practical. In the step-by-step guide below, I’ll show you how to create a Mastodon account login in a preferred instance and how to connect to all instances running on the software. let’s get started now.

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How to create your Mastodon Account login

1. Log on to the Mastodon website with your browser.

2. On the homepage you’ll see a tab marked “Get Started” click or tap on it (depending on the device you’re using).

3. From the category, select a preferred server option to signup with. Note that signing up with a server does not limit your interactions with users from other servers.

4. Next, select your preferred language and continue.

5. Based on the server category you selected, a list of servers will appear on your screen, Click or tap on ‘Join’ to continue.

6. This will take to the signup and login page. Here, you’ll fill in your details like username, email address, and password. Click or tap on ‘Sign Up’ to finish up.

7. Now, a mail will be sent to your email address, use it to verify your email Id. Once, this is done, your account is ready on the community-owned ad-free social network.

For your login, simply go to the server you signed up with, enter your email address and the password you created for your Mastodon account.

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