How to make money online in 2020 promoting free products & services

There are many proven ways to make money online but here in this article, is a list of products and services you can promote for free online if you want to make extra bucks in 2020.

Recently, bloggers have started to leverage affiliate programs to maximize earning. But the big question is, which of the affiliate programs offer a good commission to the affiliate members.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best CPA (cost per action) programs that pay a commission whenever a visitor on your website or blog clicks on your affiliate link. However, you must understand how the CPA programs work.

How to make money online in 2020

How does a CPA program work?

CPA is short for “Cost Per Acquisition” also known as “Cost Per Action”. It is a type of affiliate marketing program that pays a commission when a specific action is taken.

Best CPA programs to adopt in 2020


CPAlead is one of the best affiliate networks in the world today with an attractive commission and customer support programs. There are lots of variety of programs to choose from the campaigns available and no doubt your niche is covered in one of those campaigns. Get started with CPAlead today.


Unlike most affiliate network programs, MaxBounty pays user’s commission on a weekly basis. However, the requirement to be enlisted is quite demanding, but it is worth the process. As one of the leading giants in the field, MaxBounty has over a thousand affiliate products ranging from CPA, CPL to CPS. Get started with MaxBounty now.


Looking for quality CPA services, PeerFly is one of the best networks offering such services. With over 30 thousand publishers scattered over 165 nations of the world, this is obviously the fastest growing affiliate network in the globe at the moment. Get started with Peerfly today.


CrakRevenue specializes in geo-targeting to render its services. It is one of the best affiliate networks with a flexible payout option. It serves adult and dating programs to target audience as reflected based on visitor’s niche and location. Get started with Crakrevenue today.


CPAWAY is voted among the top 5 best CPA networks for both advertisers and publishers. With a wide range of affiliate products and services at CPAWAY, it is undoubtedly one to leverage on to make money online. Get Started with CPAWAY today.


Admitad is one of the CPA networks with the most minimal payout threshold of about $20. Its been in operation for close to a decade now and it has grown so popular with over 1100+ CPA programs for publishers to choose from. Get Started with Admitad today.

How to Use CPA Affiliate Network Program to Make Money Online

There are many ways to leverage CPA programs to make money online, however, I’ll point out a few but highly effective approach to making extra bucks using any of these programs.

Step 1. The first thing to do is to signup with any of the programs listed above or a desired program as the case may be.

Step 2. Promote your affiliate link to reach a specific target audience.

Step3. Monitor leads and conversions.

Step. 4. Make adequate adjustments when required and be consistent.

Platforms with the best outcome for making money online

1. Niche site/blog

This is one of the most effective ways to get more money using CPA programs. It may require you to set up a blog or niche site, optimize it for conversion and source for traffic. As visitors troupe into your site, serve them your affiliate link and get paid.

Bonus: also you can signup for an Adsense program to make more money online as a niche blogger.

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2. Facebook Page

If you don’t have a niche site, you can use the Facebook page option. But this may require you to come up with an engaging product or service and then employ a call to action to get your audience to click on your affiliate link.

3. Create a Software

Creating software is one of the ways to get your audience to engage with your CPA affiliate link. This may require setting up a little budgeting and optimizing your app software to fit into users’ needs.

4. Use E-commerce domain

Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are good affiliate sites that you can leverage to make more money online in 2020 and beyond.

Use An EBook.

You can package an ebook with a call to action page at the end of the book or scatter it randomly within the book. This approach is very effective especially if you have an engaging write-up.

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