Insurance Review | Best Life Insurance in 2019

Best life insurance review - 2019

Life is precious and most of us want security for the life we live. They are many companies issuing life insurance policies to clients. But how do you know the best life insurance policy for you? That is the essence of this post.

In this review, we have carefully selected the best life insurance for 2019 based on statistics and customer ratings. Also, we compared the prices so you can choose from the best according to your financial strength.

Best Life Insurance 2019 – The Review

insurance review 2019

When it comes to choosing the best insurance policy for yourself and your family. It is necessary you look at the general ratings and compare insurance quotes. Below is the review of the best life insurance in 2019.

1. Banner Life Insurance

Banner life insurance review

Banner Life insurance has made a name for itself over the years. It stands as one of the top leading insurance companies offering life insurance in the US.

The company’s focus is on making affordable life insurance available to all. Thus, they offer the most flexible payment plan to suit all income earners including retirees and those above 65 years.

2. State Farm

State farm insurance

State Farm insurance has one of the most unique plans that enables clients get an insurance coverage depending on the financial strength.

The company has four different life insurance plans. We rate them as the best term life insurance provider in 2019.

3. Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern mutual insurance

If you are looking for more value than just a death benefit, then Northwestern mutual insurance is for you.

The company offers the best whole life insurance that covers the immediate family of the insured. Also, one can make a claim in cases of severe or serious terminal ill-health.

4. Mass Mutual

Massmutual insurance

Mass mutual insurance offers whole life insurance. They have been rated as the insurance company that offers the best reward dividend performance in 2019. What this implies is that you earn some cash rewards for doing business with them annually.

Mass mutual offers the best value for the price you pay. This puts them our this list.

5. Guardian Life

Guardian Life Insurance

Guardian life insurance offers one of the best whole life insurance. It has been certified to be one of the top picks among the insurance companies because it has the most flexible payment models.

In addition to that, clients who want to accumulate cash value over the years can settle for this option.

6. New York Life Insurance

New York life Insurance

New York Life Insurance offers whole term and universal life insurance serving policyholders in the United States and other countries around the world.

The company has been rated to hold the highest financial strength among other insurance companies in the US. Sign up here

7. Mutual of Omaha

mutual of omaha

Mutual of Omaha offers a variety of insurance coverage ranging from whole life, term to accident and universal life. They have a good customer service which makes them unique from other life insurance providers.

Generally, the company’s whole life insurance policy is available to clients between the ages of 45 – 85 years. However, those in New York are limited to this offer. The age bracket for those in New York is between 50 – 75 years.

8. Prudential

prudential life insurance

If you are looking for a Life insurance coverage that include different options that will benefit you then Prudential insurance is the option you seek.

The company manages asset worth over a trillion dollars. They compete as one of the insurance companies with the best financial strength.

Other insurance issued by Prudential includes Index and Variable Universal insurance coverage, survivorship and universal life insurance.

9. Transamerica

trancamerica insurance

Transamerica is one of those insurance company that offers insurance coverage to both all regardless of your financial status. This is because they’ve got a plan to serve all their clients based on their income.

Based on the rating, the company is regarded as the insurance company with the best range of policy size. Sign up here

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