How to use your old phone as a security camera at no cost

Smartphones are indispensable, while you keep upgrading to new ones in order to get the new features and enjoy innovative technology, you can use your old phone as a security camera rather than selling it off at a relatively low price.

There are some good ideas on what to do with your old phone and using it as a security camera is one of the ways to maximize its usefulness at home or in the office. If the phone can power on, then putting it to good use is a choice you should make.

To use your old phone as a security camera may require downloading a third-party app. There are security-camera apps with variable functions available on different platforms. Some offer features like local streaming, cloud streaming, motion detection, and alerts.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and finished with the set up then you can monitor your home or office remotely from anywhere. Among the security camera app is Alfred. The app is downloadable on Android phone and iPhone. It is free to use and cloud storage option. Also, you can upgrade to the premium service to access advanced features.

How to download and setup Security-camera App on your Phone

  1. Open the Play Store on your Android or App Store for iOS and search for the security-camera app you want to use. (for this guide we are using Alfred).
  2. Download the app on both your old phone and new phone or tablet as the case presents.
  3. Open the app on your new phone, swipe through the introduction, and tap on ‘Start’. Select ‘Viewer‘ and tap ‘Next’.
  4. On the sign-in page, tap on Sign in with Google and proceed by entering your Google account login details.
  5. Now, go to your old phone and open the security-camera app.
  6. Repeat the same steps as in the new phone but select ‘Camera’ instead of the Viewer. Also, ensure to sign in to the same Google account used in the new phone.

At this point, you’re done setting up the Alfred security-camera app. You can toggle through the settings to suit your preferences. Also, you can setup a passcode to keep it locked for safety purposes.

Note that viewer here is the phone you’ll use to monitor the security camera while the Camera is the phone you’re using as the security camera.

Similarly, you can use your phone as a webcam- see this useful guide here.

How to Use your Old Phone as a Security Camera – Choosing a vantage angle to position Camera.

By now you must have finished setting up the security camera app on your phone, it is time to choose a good angle to position your camera.

Unlike the conventional security camera, using your old phone as a security camera may appear a little deceptive, therefore, you should make sure you position your phone at a vantage point. Below are alternative positions;

  1. You can place it to focus on the main entrance to your home or office.
  2. Also, you can place it to cover your valuables and vulnerable areas.

Meanwhile, you can purchase a smartphone tripod to help you position your security camera very well. In addition to that, going for a wide-angle lens for smartphone is a good option to help you cover a wider space.

Now, you’re set to use your old phone as security camera, it is worthy to note that streaming video will require that your phone stays active all the time. So, ensure you position your phone close to a power source.

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