How to use the Twitter continue thread feature to add new tweets to old threads

Twitter has announced the release of the ‘continue thread’ feature to allow users to add new tweets to old tweets without much hassle. This will remove the stress of having to go through your tweets to find a thread and adding a new tweet to it.

How does the Twitter Continue Thread feature work?

This feature is a user interface program, it allows users to connect new tweets to older tweets while writing the new tweet. This option can be viewed by selecting the old tweet you want to connect to the new tweet and clicking/tapping on the three dots menu on the old tweet.

Though this feature is still in the beta program, it is available to some high-end iOS devices and users of such devices can actually apply this feature to their tweets on Twitter. So far, there is no news as to when it will be available to Android users. Meanwhile, stay glued and I will give you the latest update when due.

How to use the Twitter ‘Continue Thread’ feature

  • Open your Twitter and compose your new tweet.
  • Gradually swipe down and tap on “create thread” and select the tweet you want to link it with and continue.
  • Next, tap on the three dots icon from the old tweet and select “continue thread”.

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If you’re using an iOS device and you can’t find the continue thread option then you’ll have to update your Twitter app and try again. Also, you can get more information from the Twitter help desk by logging on your browser.

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