Now you can upload live photos as GIFs on Twitter, this new feature was rolled out by Twitter towards the tail end of 2019 and it allows users to convert images from a phone into GIF, tweeting is becoming more fun with this new feature. Read on to learn how to convert your photos into GIFs on Twitter.

Very easy to use, uploading live photos as GIFs on Twitter does not require plenty of hacks to pull through, it is as easy as writing a tweet, uploading a photo and hitting the share button. The only thing that is worthy to note is that this feature is exclusively for iOS users. Therefore, you might need to switch to an iPhone to enjoy posting live photos as GIFs while tweeting.

So far, there is no news on when Android users will be allowed to upload live photos as GIFs on Twitter. Meanwhile, below I have carefully drafted the guide you need to upload GIFs on Twitter. Let’s roll.

How to Upload Live Photos as GIFs on Twitter (using iPhone)

1. Open your Twitter app from your iOS device.

2. Tap on the tweet icon and select the ‘Live Photos’ option.

3. Select the live photo you’d like to upload from the camera roll.

4. Now, tap on “GIF” just at the bottom.

Boom you’re good to go.

Quickly, for Android users here is how you can upload GIFs on Twitter.

How to upload GIFs using Android Device.

  • When you open your Twitter app, tap on the tweet button.
  • Enter your tweet and then tap on the camera button, select GIF and choose the GIF to attach and tap on the GIF icon.

Yes, use the guide above to upload GIFs from your Android phones for now while we await the release of this feature for Android users. You can see this post to learn how to upload GIFs using your Pc.

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