How to Update your Android in 5 simple steps – Ultimate guide

In 2020 Android developed rapidly with AI integration and the likes. Likewise the hassle of updating your Android is even easier than before.

Apparently, it’s been made easier to tend to the needs of users who constantly want to get more from their smartphone.

With the Andriod 11 Beta already released users will be able to run exposure notification apps without needing to turn on the device location setting.

Also, with the regular update new features are released. Basically, new features are the reason for you to update your Android.

And as we await the official release of the Android 12 in the shortest time, you can use the steps below to update your Android and get it running already.

5 Simple Steps to Update Your Android in a Jiffy

Step 1: Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is enabled on your device.

Step 2: Open your Phone Settings menu by tapping on the Settings gear icon on your phone app menu.

Step 3: Scroll and select the option bearing the tag “About Phone”.

Step 4: At this point look for the “system update“. If there is an update available it will be displayed here. However, this can vary depending on your device OS.

Based on your device you may see either of the following; Software Update or System Update.

Select and proceed as demanded by your device.

Some device offer the option to automatically download new software update, if that’s your device switch the toggle to the right to activate the feature.

Step 5: Now depending on your device OS, you will see either of these; Install Now, Reboot and Install, or Install System Software.

Tap on it as displayed on your device and allow your device to initiate program and reboot in the process.

After rebooting, all new updates will be available on your Android device.

Repeat these steps anytime you want to update your phone.

If you had enable auto software update, then you need not bother to repeat the steps.

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