How to Track Android Phones & Recover Lost Phone [a guide]

How to track Android Phone & Recover it

No one ever wants to lose a smartphone, not with the important details it contains and the numerous task it carries out, but the truth is, we can lose it anytime. Either it is lost or it gets stolen. However, the good news is, you can track your android phone when lost. In this guide, I’ve carefully and precisely enumerated how to track Android phone and recover it when lost.

Fortunately, every Android device comes with inbuilt features and apps that are designed to help users in tracking and recovering a lost device. But the truth is, most of us realize the need to backup and authorize the Android safety features after our device is lost.

How to Track Android Phone [The Guide]

Before you can be able to recover your phone, you must have registered it with google by syncing your gmail with the phone. Once you do that, you’d be able to access the Find My Device feature and track your smartphone.

Step 1. Look for any browser and log on to

Step 2. You’ll be redirected to the Google Find My Device dashboard. Now, look carefully by the top right of the page and make sure that the gmail account used to register the phone is signed in on the page.

Step 3. At this point, your smartphone mobile will be displayed on the left side of the page with the location.

Step 4. You’ll be provided with three options; To notify the person holding the phone by ringing it for 5mins, To lock it up and signout of your google account and to erase device. Be mindful, that google account signin details will be required.

You can try this at your convenient to see how it works.

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Another Approach to track Android phone

Now this option requires that your phone location or GPS is turned on.

Step 1. Use any browser and log on to

Step 2. From the options by the left, select ‘Data & Personalisation’

Step 3. Scroll down to Activity Control and click on ‘Location & History’.

Step 4. Next, click Manage Activity under Devices on my account.

Now, you’ll be shown the last location of yourAndroid device.

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