How to set Alarm on your Apple Smartwatch | A step-by-step guide

Time is life, you can set alarm on your Apple smartwatch to manage your time. The Alarm App on your Apple Watch is full of time management programs to help you in programming your daily task.

Setting alarm on your Apple Smartwatch is similar to your iPhone, with the snooze option to make up for any delay. You can turn or or off the Snooze option for your alarm on your Smartwatch. Let’s see how to do this effortlessly.

How to set Alarm on your Apple Smartwatch

1. Turn on your Apple Smartwatch and tap on the Alarms app to luanch the program.

2. Tap on Add Alarm and proceed to select the hour, you can rotate the digital crown to change the hour.

3. Move on to the minutes and rotate the Digital crown to set the minutes.

4. Next, tap on the AM or PM as preferred and tap on Set at the end.

Also, you can use the Apple Watch siri to set alarm by speaking into it, to do this just tap on the siri and say Set an Alarm, then proceed with the on screen instructions.

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How to Turn off Snooze in your Alarm on Apple Smartwatch

Snoozing your alarm only silences it for few moments while it rings later on to remind you of whatever task you had in mind while setting up the alarm. If you find the snooze option rather disturbing or irrelevant, here is how to turn it off.

1. Tap on the Alarms app on your smartwatch to open it.

2. From the list of Alarms, tap on the Alarm you want to turn off snooze for.

3. Scroll down to snooze and toggle on it to turn it off.

Similarly, you can make changes to your alarm on this page. Also, if you want to delete your alarm from your Smartwatch.

  • Open the Alarm app and tap on the alarm you want to clear.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on the option marked “Delete” to have the alarm cleared off your smartwatch.

Alternatively, you can speak to your Siri to clear off all alarms on your Smartwatch.

If at anytime you notice that your Apple smartwatch is malfunctioning, visit the apple watch support page to have it restored.

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