How to Restore WhatsApp Messages to your new Phone

I know most of us have some important messages on WhatsApp that we don’t want to lose. Maybe you just got a new phone and you’re concerned about how to restore your whatsApp messages to the new gadget. Worry less, I have it all covered in this guide.

Generally, WhatsApp offers unlimited backup service on Google drive. Therefore, users can keep all conversations safe and secure in the cloud. However, not many of us know that we can restore WhatsApp messages to a new phone from the cloud. This service is not limited to a few, it is available to all.

It is easier to restore your WhatsApp chats if you have it backed up on Google drive. Is your WhatsApp chat backed up? Here is how to back it up now.

  1. Open the WhatsApp on your phone and go to settings.
  2. Select Chat Backup.
  3. Tap on Google Drive Settings and choose a preferred backup option.

Now, you can restore your WhatsApp messages from the cloud to your new phone. Follow the steps in the guide below.

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages to your New Phone – The Guide

Basically, there are two methods you can use to have old WhatsApp chats restored to your new device. Either from the cloud using Google drive or offline using a compressing app.

Restore WhatsApp Messages using Google Drive – Step-by-step guide

  1. Get your new phone and ensure you are signed in to your Google Account. Use the same Google account from the old device.
  2. Install WhatsApp on your new device and start the setup.
  3. Verify your phone number (ensure to use your old whatsApp number).
  4. WhatsApp Google Drive will notify you to restore your chats from Google Account. Agree and wait for a While. All your whatsApp messages will be restored to your new phone.

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How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats offline using a compressing app – Step-by-step guide.

Offline Backup with RAR

  1. Install a compressing app from the play store or App store. RAR is a good compressing for Android.
  2. Go to the root directory. In this case it will be “Whatsapp rar backup”.
  3. Select the WhatsApp folder and create a compressed file from it. Select either .zip or .rar based on your preference.
  4. Allow it to create an archive with your WhatsApp data. It will take some time to compress depending on the size of data to backup.

Now, you can transfer the file from your device to your PC just to keep it safe. This is what you’ll need to restore WhatsApp messages to your new phone.

How to restore old WhatsApp messages to your new Phone using Compressing App

  1. Open your new phone and install RAR compressing app.
  2. Copy the WhatsApp zip file to your new phone.
  3. Install WhatsApp on your new phone.
  4. Open the RAR on your new phone and search for the Whatsapp zip file.
  5. Extract the zip file to your home directory.
  6. Tap on your WhatsApp and start the setup process.
  7. You’ll be notified when to restore whatsApp chats from available backup. Agree and wait for a while. Your chats will be restored to your new device.

Aye, now you have your old whatsApp messages restored to your new phone, be mindful to Keep your WhatsApp updated and allow routine backup on Google drive, this will enable you to have your chat history restored easily when you change to a new device. Have a nice time.

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