How to make a Post On Instagram using a Computer (PC or Mac)

Instagram was created to function as a mobile app for fast photo sharing. The web version surfaced afterward, however, unlike the mobile version, there is no button to toggle/click or tap to upload or make a post on the platform using your computer. But, that’s alright, the truth is this – it is not impossible. Find out how to make a post on Instagram using a computer.

Instagram is arguably one of the most interactive social media networks you can use for any purpose including marketing. With daily active users exceeding over 700 million you can only say less on what is achievable on the platform, but the issue is just as stated above, the web version is ridiculed with limitations. However, we’ll be dealing with it now.

Make a Post on Instagram from a Computer – the Guide

There are couple of ways to make a post on Instagram from a computer, one of which suggest that you change the display of your web browser to look like that of a mobile phone. Below is how to initiate this change and apply it into making a post on IG.

For Chrome Browser

1. Log on to your Instagram using the chrome web browser.

2. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + L and press down simultanously. This will open the developer settings on your browser.

3. Now, press Ctrl + Shift + M, alternatively you can click on the mobile phone icon from the upper bar of the page.

4. From the upper bar, select the type of mobile device you’d like to represent your browser and reload the page afterwards.

5. At this point the Instagram upload buttons will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Click the + sign and select a photo or Video to share. Bravo!

For Safari Browser

1. Log on to your Instagram using the Safari Browser.

2. Hold down Ctrl + 6 simultanously to open the settings.

3. Click on Advanced and select the option for ‘Show Developer Menu in the menu bar’.

4. Now click on Develop in the menu bar and subsequently click ‘User agent’.

5.Go ahead and select iPhone.

Finally reload the page and look for the sign “+”. Use it to make a post on Instagram from your mac computer.

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