How to hide favorite tweets on Twitter

how to hide favorite tweets on twitter

Ever came across a tweet and it appeared so catchy that you’d thought within yourself ’bout saving it for the sake of reference? Yes, apart from retweeting, you can tag a tweet as ‘favorite’ and such tweets will be starred with a star icon appearing by the side of the tweet.

Also, if you are the type that doesn’t like to reveal much about personal details on social media platforms you can protect such tweets from the prying eyes of the public. Thus, you can hide favorite tweets on twitter by simply following the step by step guide on this post.

Without wasting much time, let us take a look at how one can hide favorite tweets on Twitter.

Hide Favorite Tweets on Twitter – A step by step user guide

Step 1. Pick up your device (Smartphone, Tablet or Computer) and sign in to your Twitter account.

Step 2. Once the Twitter news feed opens up, head to your profile page and click (tap) on the gear icon.

Step 3. Next, click on ‘settings’.

Step 4. Now, scroll through the options on the drop-down menu and select ‘Account settings’.

Step 5. Proceed to the ‘Tweet Privacy’ on the account settings page.

Step 6. This is the most crucial part as it is the hallmark of this guide. Here, click on ‘Protect my Tweets’, shortly after, you will be asked to verify that you are the sole operator of the Twitter handle. Simply enter your username and password to continue with the verification cum confirmation.

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Step 7. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button to have this new settings initiated on your Twitter handle.

The actions above will automatically hide favorite tweets on Twitter and all your tweets as well. However, it will still be visible to your followers.

But if you want your tweet to be completely hidden from the public and followers as well then you’ll consider deleting the tweet from your twitter handle.

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