How to Get a Job in Nigeria – Useful tips

Some say it is nearly impossible to get a job in Nigeria with no connection, hence, very many rely on connection rather than skill.

But here is the catch;

Connection or Nah, there are processes and tips anyone can use to get a job in Nigeria and I’m going to divulge the secret with you today.

Statistics shows that over 20.9million people are unemployed in Nigeria and the number keep increasing with many graduates being released into the labour market yearly.

This is a major concern to youths and parents alike. Most undergraduates are living with the fear of not landing a job after spending heavily to get a degree.

Of course getting a good degree from any Nigerian Tertiary institution is not just a big deal, it is a bigger deal. It takes more time, stress and money. And after that what do you get?

So a lot of youths thinks that school is scam “school na scam”.

However, the fact that there are no jobs doesn’t mean that actually there are no jobs. Matter of fact there are people who are getting jobs on daily without connection.

All that is required to get a job in Nigeria are basically these two things:
Plan and Position.

Admittedly, it is mostly the smart and intelligent ones that are always battling unemployment issues, because very many of them rely solely on the certificate without paying attention to the two major requirements mentioned above.

Surprisingly, to get employed in Nigeria does not only require your intelligence and certificate, but your skill and articulation are also needed. Also, some employers lookout for creativity – this they believe will help solve problems and beat the competition that dominates the Nigerian market.

Quickly let us break down how you can get a job in Nigeria using the processes of planning and positioning.

How to Get a Job in Nigeria – tips

Planning stage: The planning stage is the time to get yourself ready for your dream job. It is at this point that you invest in yourself and develop your potential. This includes the following:

Consider and reflect on your skills,
Regularly update your resume,
Plan and set your career goals,
Continue to improve your skills,
Purchase and update your tools.

Positioning stage
Prepare your CV,
Prepare for Job interviews,
Package yourself,
Learn how to negotiate salary,

Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

Job hunting is a vital skill you should have if you’re aiming to get a job in Nigeria easily with or without connection.

It is a skill that keeps you focused and propels you towards landing your dream job.

Many people have been frustrated while looking for a job because they don’t understand the principle of job hunting.

Now, let’s examine some of the mistakes to avoid while hunting for your dream job.

Avoid jacking all trades at once: Just as people are looking for a job or a better one, employers are looking for better services. If you can niche down and become a specialist in that little field of yours, employers will come running after you with mouth-watering offers.

Discover your area of interest and develop it using the strategies mentioned earlier in this post. Once you niche down it will be easier for you to build a career out of it, you become a specialist and subsequently a consultant in the long run.

Lack of Confidence: If you are looking to land a job in Nigeria without a connection, then you must build your confidence.

How do you build confidence? building confidence comes with mastering your skills. If you are not confident enough in your ability to deliver, you will always find it difficult to convince others to believe in you. So, how will you get your potential employer to take you in?

Meanwhile, as you build your confidence, be sure not to mix it with arrogance and pride.

Avoid mixing up your professional and unprofessional lifestyle: Employers need smart, creative, and professional people to work for them. A little stain of unprofessionalism will make you appear less worthy to be an employee.

How to Appear Professional before your Employer

  • Make sure you dress neatly and smart always.
  • Do not speak unnecessarily and whenever you speak be concise and apt.
  • Use professional emails avoid using sexy, cute, bootilicious, and the likes as suffixes to your business email address.
  • When you appear before a potential employer, do not sound desperate.
  • Sort the kind of materials you release on your social media handle especially Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Do not use informal or canny words like “fuck, damn, bitch” and likes while conversing with your employer.

Where to search for Job openings in Nigeria

When do you start to plan for interview?

Generally, it is advisable to start preparing yourself for an interview even before you’re called for it.

Get your CV and resume ready because you can be called up at anytime.

You can contact us for help in packaging and arranging your CV and Resume to look attractive for any kind of Job at Mojobber consults.

Vital Details You Must Not Miss Out on While Updating Your CV or Resume

The following are the vital things that your employer will lookout for in your CV;

Make sure that you detail your personal information properly. Your phone number, email address must be bold enough abd at strategic point. Ensure to proofread and rid it off any typographic errors.

Use simple grammar and ensure that your spellings are accurate.

Ensure that your relevant skills are properly highlighted in such a way that it appeals to anyone going through it. Be convincing about the value you offer – this will make it easier for anyone to know the kind of work fit for you.

Focus less on personal hobbies and if you must include it, ensure that it is complimentary with your values.


To get a job in Nigeria is quite easy if you take and follow the principles mentioned in above. It does not matter if you have a connection or not. However, following these principles does not mean you should not grow your network and make new contacts.

What is most vital is to discover your potential and narrow it down to a niche, once you’re able to solve a problem, jobs will come seeking for you.

Are you in search of a job? signup with us and we will keep you updated with job alerts and tips to make sure you get one as quickly as possible.

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