How to Fix Suspended Gotv Account | Useful Tips

It can be annoying if while stuck at home, you can’t connect to see the world from your Gotv because your account is suspended. It only makes the lockdown seem worse than it is already. But, how do you fix a suspended Gotv Account at home without calling the technician?

Generally, every one is affected by the global coronavirus pandemic directly or indirectly. Now, we all have to stay at home and hope that things will get better soon. One of the ways to stay connected with the updates around the globe is through you Gotv decoder. But, what if it develops issue?

How to Fix suspended Gotv Account

The tips below will be very useful if only you have an active subscription. However, if your subscription is inactive, try activating it by subscribing to a Gotv plan, then reboot your decoder.

Meanwhile, if you have an active subscription and your Gotv is not working, try any of the tips below to fix your Gotv account.

Reboot Decoder

  • Turn off your decoder and turn it on after few minutes. Mostly, it advised that you switch on your decoder when making payment for your subscription. This will enable instant payment alert and faster connection. However, if the problem persists, reboot the decoder after 3 to 5 minutes.

Use the Self Help Portal

  • It is a good thing for Gotv customers, the self-help portal is accessible 24/7. you can visit the portal and have all your issues cleared. All you need to do on the portal is to enter your ICU number which is located at the back of your Gotv card and click on the tab marked “Fix errors”. This will clear every error on your account.

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Contact the Gotv customer service

  • All Gotv customer can contact the customer service through live chat on the Eazy Self service, via phone call using the helpline numbers on your Gotv decoder box, or through email. Either way, you can reach a customer service representative that will guide through on fixing your account.

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