How to fix Snapchat not Working | Tips

Recently, users have been experiencing series of technical issues on Snapchat, with the app becoming unresponsive and a whole lot of unpleasant lagging in connectivity. This problem have been persistent for a while. So, I have put this tips together to help you fix Snapchat problems.

Snapchat has grown into a large audience and waking up to it not working can be very unfortunate. But, here are few hacks you can try in order to fix Snapchat not working problems and continue to be in touch with friends on the video and photo-sharing social media network.

Fix Snapchat not working – Here’s what to do

Check if the Snapchat server is down

Most times the problem associated with Snapchat not working could be as a result technical update on the server. In such cases you can do nothing but wait for the update to finish as it does not take time. However, to know if this is the problem visit Downdetector and to check the Snapchats app activity.

Check your Network Connection

If you’re using a Wi-fi or Cellular network connection, check its connectivity. When your connection is inactive, it can hinder your Snapchat app from functioning properly. Try connecting to a new internet connection and see if it works for you.

Update Snapchat App

If your connection is good, then updating the Snapchat app may help fix the problem. This is because new features are being released on the platform and it can stall your apps from running properly if you don’t update it.

You can update your Snapchat app on PlayStore for Andriod users or App store for iOS users.

Clear your Snapchat cache

Clearing your Snpachat cache won’t not tamper with your Snapchat data, rather, it will help the App function more effectively and faster. Here is how to clear your Snapchat cache;

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the gear icon at the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Scroll down to “Account Actions” and select “Clear cache.”
  3. From the options displayed, tap on “Clear All” which is usually the first option.
  4. Confirm the action and restart the app.

Restart your Phone

Sometimes an app may be having issues because the phone software is unresponsive. In such a case switching off your phone and switching it on after a while will help fix the problem.

If after trying all the tips on this guide and you were unable to fix your Snapchat problems. Then you can contact the Snapchat service support for more assistance.

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