How to enable developer option on your Android Device

You don’t need to find yourself before you can learn how to enable developer option on your android device. Perhaps, you want to enable USB debugging on your device, this is the way to do it.

What is the Developer option on Android Device?

The developer option on Android device is a set of advanced setting which can be referred to as the developer settings. This option allows you to make some adjustments to your device from the developer point of view.

Meanwhile, this is no longer found in the settings just like before. The recent Android versions does not have this option displayed on the settings options. Apparently because the developer feels that most users careless about it. However, it was not completely removed from the device. You can still access it by tweaking through some settings on your device.

What Can I do from the developer settings?

Supposedly, you’re asking yourself this question and you’re like ‘Ok, I’m enjoying my device, I don’t wanna do anything that might affect the functions of my device’ then know you that it is because of you that the developers have hidden this option. But if you’re the enthusiastic one and you’d like to know more and do more with your device then know you that it is because of you that the developers did not completely remove this option from the device.

The following are some features you can activate from the developer settings that are not turned on in your device by default:

  • Enable and Disable USB Debugging.
  • Enable MSAA [multisample anti-aliasing] to improve image quality display.
  • View bug report.
  • Enable GPU for 2D graphics.
  • Adjust animation settings.
  • Install a custom ROM.
  • You can create a desktop background password.
  • You can also monitor software usage and lots more.

How to Enable developer option on Android device

Step 1: Open your device settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and select ‘About Phone’

For Android Version 8 and above Select System and About Phone.

Step 3: Scroll down to Build Number and tap on it for about seven times.

Next you will see a pop up alerting you that you are about to enter the developer option. Wait for the countdown as you keep tapping. At the end you will see another pop up alert that will welcome you to the developer settings.

For some android devices, the build number is located within the Software information options.

Finally, click on the back button and you will find the Developer option above the About phone option.

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How to turn off the developer option on your Android device

It is worthy to note that as long as you don’t reset your phone through Factory Reset, the developer setting remains as you left it. However, if you want to turn the setting off, it is way more easier than turning it on.

Yes, to turn this setting off, go to the top of the screen and slide through the on/off toggle. This will put the setting off on your device.

Bonus Tip

While turning on GPU [graphic processing unit] can further enhance your experience with your device, it can as well cause the drainage of your battery life. Therefore it is advisable to always turn it on whenever you want to use it especially while playing 2D games or for high quality graphic task and then turn it off whenever it is not in use.

Also be mindful that once you have activated the developer mode, it will start appearing on your settings as an option. You can only turn it on and off. There is no way you can completely remove it from the options again except you use the restore factory settings option.

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