How to Download Your Snapchat Data to your Phone | Step-by-step guide

The lovely selfie filters and funny videos on Snapchat will always be safe if you keep your account running on the server. But what happens when you delete your account? So, you see why you may want to download your Snapchat data to your phone and subsequently save them in the cloud.

Obviously, with the introduction of the new in-app gaming service on Snapchat in the form of Snap Gaming, users may find it difficult to quit the platform. However, this may be a turn off for some users who are embarrassed with the third-party developer’s inclusion and multiplayer game style.

Though the SnapChat account deletion policy, allow users to delete their account at will, it does not take responsibility of its users’ data after the account is deleted. This why you have to download your data before you delete your account. However, if you have deleted your account you reactivate it and download your Snapchat data before the 30 days account deactivation is over.

How to Download your Snapchat data

Before you continue with the steps below, make sure that you have verified your email on Snapchat. It will be required during the process.

Step 1: With your web browser log on to

Step 2: Enter your login details in the appropriate fields and tap or click on sign in.

Step 3: Once you’ve signed in to your personal account, click on the tab marked “My Data”.

Step 4: From the pop-up menu, scroll to the bottom and click on the link that reads “Submit Request”.

Step 5: Now, a mail will be sent to the email address you used while verifying your Snapchat account. This mail will contain a link that will notify you that your data is ready to be downloaded. It may take some time to get to you, exercise a little patience.

Step 6: When you receive the link as stated in step 5 above, click or tap on it and it will automatically start downloading your data from the Snapchat server. Wait for it to finish, meanwhile, you must keep your Wi-Fi or mobile data on during the process.

Finally, your snapchat data will be downloaded in a Zip file marked “My Data”. Now, you can back it up in your Google drive or do whatever you want with it.

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