How to download Netflix videos at ease

Netflix offers one of the best on-demand video streaming services from a wide range of catalogues filled with lots of varieties for subscribers’ consumption. But you can only stream most of the viedos and TV shows live in real time, with little or no chances of downloading them locally to your device. However, with the guide in this post, you’ll learn how to download Netflix videos with ease.

Although, Netflix supports download for only a few number of its original contents on iOs devices, to download Netflix videos on other devices may require the use of a third party app or app extension, this is because there are lots of bans and restrictions associated with the Netflix terms of use.

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How to Download Netflix Vidoes – the guide

Download Netflix Video using this guide

For iOS device

Step 1. Open your phone and launch the Netflix app.

Step 2. On the Netflix home screen tap on Menu button by the top-right corner. Usually denoted with three (3) horizontal lines.

Step 3. Next, tap on Available for Download.

Step 4. Now, scroll to select the movie or Tv show you want to download and tap the download arrow just by the side of the video.

For other Devices

The guide below will enable you capture and save a stream video online to your local device using Chrome web browser.

Step 1. Open Chrome browser with your device and head to the webstore to download and install Stream Video Downloader.

Step 2. Now, go to Netflix and select the video to start streaming. Most times the downloader will automatically detect the video, if so click on the Record button to start downloading.

Step 3. Alternatively, you can copy the url of the movie or show and paste the link into the stream video downloader, then click enter or save to start downloading.


There are many other download app extension you can opt for, especially if you’re using other browser other than Chrome. Here is a review of free stream video downloader.

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