How to Download Money Heist Season 4 with subtitles – (Get Full episodes for free)

Money Heist season 4 arrived Netflix on the 3rd of April. It comprises of 8 suspense-filled episodes. You can download Money Heist season 4 full episodes for free on selected platforms online. Let me guide you through…

The Money Heist series also known as La Casa de Papel tells the story of one of the most dreaded robbery in the history of Spain. The series was officially launched in 2017 and has grown to be one of the most watched Spanish series worldwide.

The release of the season 4 was initially postponed as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, while the lockdown is on in most cities around the world, it was released and aired on-demand on Netflix on the 3rd of April 2020.

The Money Heist season 4 brings more action to the series as things begins to get more dicey with Nairobi been shot and Lisbon’s faked death throws the gang into panic. “This is not just a robbery, it is a war”. This is the kind of movie you watch over and again, for aside the entertainment, there is something to learn from the characters.

But, how can I download the Money Heist season 4 complete episode for free? This is one of the questions running through the minds of the Fans and That is exactly what I am offering you with this post.

How to Download Money Heist season 4 full episode with subtitles – the guide

A couple of online free movie streaming platform have put up the full episode of the Money Heist season 4 up for download. Though not all of them have the English subtitles for those who don’t understand the Spanish language.

However, there are few platforms that offer the complete episodes of the season 4 with the English subtitles. This is what most fans are looking for at the moment.

Thanks to blogs like 2kinfomedia and a host of others who keep updating fans with free downloadable movies.

Now you can download Money Heist season 4 complete episodes with subtitles from However, you can only download each episode and its English subtitle separately.

Also, get the full movie on, here the same thing applies, you have to download each episode and the subtitle separately. At the moment there is no zip file containing the complete episodes with its subtitle. However, I’ll keep you updated anytime it becomes available. Stay with us.

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