How to delete Malware from your Windows PC

How to delete Malware from Windows PC

If you’ve not experienced a malware infection on your PC you won’t understand the need to know how to delete malware from your PC. Most of us that have fallen victim before now never knew what it was till it happened and by then it was already too late for anything to be done. That is why it is very necessary that you get rid of malware from your PC before it ruins it for you.

What is Malware?

Malware is a short form of malicious software. It is used to refer to any program or software developed to attack a computer with the sole aim of having access to the information on the computer without the knowledge of the owner. Most times, malware infection in the computer may lead to the following malfunctions;

  • Your PC suddenly becomes too slow especially while booting on.
  • There are sudden unusual pop-ups
  • Other programs in your PC start running on their own without you initiating them
  • Your PC starts making funny unusual sounds
  • Some programs become too difficult to operate, etc.

while malware is the general term, malicious software is of different varieties. It includes the following: virus, trojan, spyware, ransomware, adware, etc.

As an instrument, it is used by cybercriminals to get private information from victims. Once your PC is being infected with malware, personal/private information like your Social Security Number [SSN], bank account number, passwords, and other private and confidential details can be stolen. These they can sell to make a profit or ask for a huge sum of money in return to give it back.

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One may ask, how does this malware gain access to the PC without prior knowledge of the owner? It is very simple, most times when you access a malicious website, it may try to install it into your device. Sometimes, they may recommend software for you to install and it turns out to be a malicious one. These are just a few ways through which your device can get infected, of course, there’re other ways.

Therefore, without wasting more time let’s deal with how to delete malware from our PC.

How to delete Malware from any PC

In the step-by-step guide enumerated below is all the information you need on how to delete malware from your PC. Follow to the later.

Step 1: Disconnect your PC from the internet

The first thing to do anytime you notice a malware infection in your PC is to disconnect from the internet. By so doing, you prevent the spread of the malware infection and put a stop the amount of information being leaked from the PC. It is wise not to connect to the internet until you get rid of the malware.

Step 2: Put the PC into Safe Mode

Some authorities refer to this stage as ‘Entering into the Safe Mode’. This is one of the most important stages. The benefit of putting your system into safe mode is that it prevents all programmed malware from running automatically and by so doing, it makes getting rid of such malware easy and precise.

How to Enter safe mode

How to enter safe mode may vary depending on the version of your windows operating system. For Windows 10, below are the steps to initiate safe mode.

  • Restart your PC and wait for the sign-in screen to appear
  • Next, hold down the Shift key and select Power > Reboot
  • Now, wait for the PC to restart again and when it does keep selecting the following in succession from the choose option menu
  • Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings
  • Next, click Restart and wait for a while
  • Subsequently, A menu will appear with numbered options. Select the 4th option for Safe Mode only or the 5th for Safe Mode with networking.

For lesser versions of Windows follow the steps below;

  • Restart your PC
  • Secondly, as soon as it boots up, press the F8 button repeatedly
  • Next, an Advanced Boot Options menu will appear. Select Safe Mode with Networking or Safe Mode and press enter.

This will keep your PC in safe mode pending when you get rid of the malware present in the system.

Step 3: Get Rid of Temporary Files

Getting rid of some of the temporary files can help speed up the process of scanning your PC of malware. Also, it helps increase the performance speed of the PC and can be a means to remove some malware.

To get rid of temporary files while in Safe Mode is very simple. All you need to do is to type Disk Cleanup on the search bar for windows 10. Alternatively, right-click on the windows drive usually tagged C:/ or D:/ and from the drop-down menu, select Properties > Disk Cleanup. Now, choose the files you want to delete from the menu that will appear.

Step 4: Install Malware Scanners

At this point, you’re ready to remove those bugging malware from your PC. This process involves downloading, installing and running malware scanners on your PC. Perhaps, you already have an antimalware program running on your computer, that’s awesome but you need other higher malware scanner to completely get rid of malware in your PC.

It is worthy to note that there are two types of malware scanner programs that can be used to get rid of the malware.

  1. Real-time malware scanner: This type of scanner runs automatically in the background seeking out malware and preventing them from invading the computer while you are browsing. An example of a Real-time scanner is Avast Free Antivirus.
  2. On-demand malware scanner: This type of scanner searches for malware infections and gets rid of them instantly. However, you must open the program and run it manually for optimal performance. A good example of an On-demand scanner is the Microsoft Safety Scanner others include; Malwarebytes, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, and etc.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have only one real-time anti-malware program running on your computer at a time. However, you can have several on-demand malware scanners running for a different purpose in your PC. This will help get rid of malware infections in your computer and also make it fit for optimal performance.

The processes shared in this article, How to delete malware from your Windows PC was carefully drafted and simplified to help Windows OS users get rid of malware infections. If you have a contrary opinion or contribution, please use the comment section below to communicate it with us. Gratias!

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