How to Create High Conversion Facebook Landing Page – Tips

After every 20 seconds of scrolling through on Facebook, your prospect finally sees your advert and clicks, instead of a dedicated Facebook landing page it leads them to your beautifully designed homepage and they start seeing a piece of different information and of course the initial interest to take action is lost.

You might as well lose the lead because a well designed Facebook ad requires a landing page to convert.

However, if you optimize your Facebook landing page by tailoring it to continue the story and hook your prospects with a call to action, you might as well be capturing almost all near-miss conversions.

What is a Facebook Landing Page?

A landing page is the first page a prospect sees after clicking on your ads. It is tailored to contain every detail that will induce your prospect to complete a task or take action. It is different from other pages.

Some years ago Facebook scrapped landing pages from its platform. Such landing page was within the platform and is no better than what is obtainable in recent times.

Nowadays, using pixel and demographic targeting you can direct your prospect from Facebook to your dedicated landing page. It proves to generate more conversion especially when done very well.

In the few lines below, you’re going to see how you can create a simple landing page for your Facebook ads that will generate more conversion and sales for you.

Let’s proceed…

How to Create a Facebook landing page with a high conversion rate – Best practice tips

Different authorities have different approach when it comes to creating a landing page for your facebook ads. Similarly, there are many landing page types that proves to be effective for advertising campaign.

How successful your ad campaign and landing page pans out depends on several factors and it is summed in the steps you take to put them together.

Here are some important tips you must not leave behind in prepping your landing page for conversion.

Target Your Audience using demographic information

When it comes to advertising, it’s no longer news that Facebook’s targeting capabilities are top-notch, but for you to maximize it for your benefits you should be able to know your ideal prospects.

Before dishing out cash into your ads, take some time to understand how your potential customers search and respond to the solution you provide, the words they use in describing products and services related to yours, and the features and benefits that grabs their interest and moves them to engage.

Choose the right Landing page design for your campaign

There are different ways to structure your landing page, make sure your landing page suits the aim of the advertisement. How do you choose the best landing page for your site? Firstly, consider the objective of the advert and focus on it, then build the landing page to clearly portray your goal convincingly.

Keep the Message consistent

Facebook ads put more emphasis on the visual aspect than text, just about 20% of the content of the ad is allotted to text. Therefore, when writing on the Landing page, try to keep the message consistent between the ad and the landing page. This will help to induce your prospect to take action by reassuring them they’re in the right place after they must have clicked on the ads and redirected to the landing page.

Optimize your Facebook ad to be Mobile Responsive

More than half of Facebook users access the platform through their mobile device. This is a trend that’s hard to beat and is more likely to increase than decrease.

What this data is basically saying to you as an advertiser that wants more conversions and sale is that most of your prospects are likely going to view your ads from their mobile device. So what if it’s not well optimized for mobile? Bet you already know the answer.

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You don’t need to give complex information, your Facebook ad should be short, concise, and apt. Most importantly, use catchy and intuitive pictures, this attracts your prospect’s attention and instills the desire to know more thereby luring them into your landing page.

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