How to create a chat room on IMVU

Learn how to create a chat room on IMVU and explore in your virtual world

The key to a successful relationship is communication and IMVU provides one of the best mediums to meet and hang out with new people in the virtual world. With an option to create a chat room on IMVU, members get to socialize with each other and build lasting relationships in the 3D avatar community.

Aside from playing around and exploring the virtual community, one of the reasons for the creation of IMVU is to connect people together and this can be achieved through public chat rooms. This guide contain detailed and simplified process on how to create a chat room on IMVU.

Create a Chat Room on IMVU – the guide

While creating a chat room on IMVU, there are few things you have to put into consideration. Most importantly is the ‘Permission settings’, secondly is the ‘Room access control’.

Permission settings

There are 3 types of permission settings;

  • Public: often referred to as ‘Listed’, it appears on room search lists and can be joined by members with or without invitation.
  • Open: often referred to as ‘Unlisted’. It does not appear on room search lists and can only be joined on invitation by already existing room members.

Room Access Control

This has to deal with how access to a chat room is granted. It wholly depends on the user account status.

User account status includes AP – Access Pass, VIP, Age Verified, and Guests.

If you’re an AP account holder, you can place room access control to allow only AP account holders access to the chat room. Similarly, you can apply the settings to other account settings.

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How to create a chat a room on IMVU

How to create a chat room on IMVU - a guide

Firstly, before you can be able to create a chat room on IMVU, you must be a VIP account holder or AP account holder.

1. Log in to your IMVU account.

2. From the home screen, navigate to Chat Rooms option.

3. Next, click on the ‘Manage’ button and follow the prompts to the end.

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