How to clean and disinfect your phone to prevent coronavirus

There are some good disinfectant wipes you can use to clean and disinfect your phone to prevent coronavirus. However, there are harsh chemicals that you must avoid while cleaning your phone to avoid damage.

As the coronavirus referred to as COVID-19 continues to spread, it is advised that you maintain and keep a clean environment, this includes your phones too. Already it is established that the virus can survive on surfaces and it has not been revealed how long it can survive on such surface. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to clean and disinfect your phone.

Keeping coronavirus off your phone may require the use of disinfectant wipes like Lysol and Clorox. These disinfectant has mild effects on phones and can terminate the presence of the novel coronavirus but you must make sure you keep washing your hands before touching your phone. Also don’t drop your phone carelessly on surfaces.

How to clean and Disinfect your Phone – Guide

How to clean and disnifect your phone to keep off coronavirus

The coronavirus can survive on surfaces, therefore, practice the local routine mentioned below to prevent the infection and avoid the spread of the disease.

Wash your hands regularly with soap or antiseptics and running water. Also, use hand sanitizers.

You can sanitize your phone locally with Lysol and Clorox as mentioned above. Also, there are UV phone sanitizer that are available for sale online on Amazon. Though this may be a little expensive and less effective if you can afford it go ahead.

For Apple iPhone users, the company recently announced that using alcohol-based wipes to clean and disinfect your Apple smartphone will likely cause no harm.

Disinfectant wipes to use for your smartphones to avoid damage to the screen includes

  • Isopropyl alcohol wipes,
  • Clorox disinfectant wipes,
  • Lysol disinfectant wipes.

How to clean your Phone

  1. Turn off your cell phone.
  2. Remove the phone case or cover.
  3. Mix distilled water with any of the disinfectant listed above, be mindful of the ratio (ratio should be one-is-to-one).
  4. Spray the mixture onto a microfiber piece of clothing or any soft wiper.
  5. Gently wipe down the phone on both sides.
  6. Give attention to the small areas around the camera and the charging ports.
  7. Leave to dry.

Note that phone cases or covers, chargers, earpieces and other accessories are to be cleaned separately.

Avoid the use of chemicals like

  • chlorine,
  • Formaldehyde,
  • Glutaraldehyde,
  • acetone,
  • benzene,
  • toluene,
  • Aerosol spray cleaners and other concentrated chemicals.

Finally, keep your environment clean, isolate yourself if possible, wash your hands and body regularly, avoid crowds and avoid making close contact with people.

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