How to boost your smartphone’s signal strength

Battling with a poor signal on your smartphone – this is one of the irritating experiences you don’t want but somehow it happens. So, I thought it is necessary to share with you, these few but effective hacks to boost your cell phone’s signal strength.

Often, when your smartphone’s signal strength drops, you begin to think that the problem is probably from your network provider and most times your assumptions are wrong without you knowing it.

Most times, obstacles can block cell signals from reaching your smartphones. Also, proximity to the nearest signal mast can be a factor when it comes to determining a Smartphone’s signal strength.

Therefore, next time you are faced with poor cell signal on your smartphone, quickly try the following local hacks to have it resolved. These hacks are easy and effective.

Let’s ride on…

5 effective hacks to boost your smartphone’s signal strength

1. Activate and deactivate the Flight mode

The first hack is to activate the flight mode, in most devices it is referred to as “the Airplane Mode.” Activating this option will switch off all cell signal actions on your phone, once this is done wait for 30 to 60 seconds and turn off the flight mode by deactivating the option, this will restore the all cell signal back to your smartphone.

2. Use Femtocell

Femtocell is a network extender that acts as a mini cell tower. Its main function is to attract network signal from wherever it is located to you. These devices cost about USD$100 to USD$300. It is one of the cell boosters trending in the market.

3. Locate the closest cell signal tower

This is one of the local ways to improve the poor signal strength on your smartphone. There are a couple of apps that can help you find the closest cell signal tower. Move towards that corner from inside your home for better signal strength.

4. Move away from interference

There can be obstruction or interference between your smartphone and the signals coming from your cell tower. Things like mountains, trees, buildings, and other objects can interfere with your cell signal. Therefore it is advisable to move away from such interferences. If you can move to a higher elevation that will help boost your smartphone’s signal strength.

5. Avoid blocking your smartphone antenna

Smartphones come with an inbuilt antenna, unlike what was obtainable in the ’90s when cell phones had external antennas. One disadvantage of the built-in antenna is that you might block it with your palms without knowing it.

According to the review from – holding your smartphone horizontally with both palms (as when watching a movie) or on a landscape can block network signals from reaching the antenna.

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If you have tried all of the above native hacks and your smartphone’s signal strength is still poor, try switching off your phone and switching on again.

Also, you can switch to another network provider. When switching to another network, choose a network provider with a cell tower closer to your location.

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