How to Add Special Effects to Your Instagram Messages

It’s always getting better as Zuckerberg keeps updating his programs. With the new features, you can add special effects to your Instagram Messages.

Ever since the merge between Messenger and Instagram messages, IG users gained some cool new features to opt for when customizing user experiences and display.

Chat colors changes, disappear modes, customized emoji reactions, avatars and so on, the lists keep increasing with time.

Now, while replying to your DM’s or sliding into someone’s, you’ll be able to add some special effects to your Instagram Messages following these commands as listed below.

How to Add Special Effects to Your Instagram Messages – Quick steps

Alright, the first thing to do is to ensure that you update the Instagram on your phone to the latest version.

Open up a chat in your DM and sort for a message.

Select the magnifier on the left and hit the content entry area.

Now, at this point you’ll see four new results to select from.

Click and select the one you want to apply and that’s all.

Be mindful while doing this it may slide messages together with a particular impact.

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In addition to this, just like a ‘speed dial’ feature you can also save messages to use as fast replies.

To enable the fast reply feature follow the simple steps below.

Sort the messages you want to use for fast replies, you can select as many as you want, long-press on it and tap on Save.

Now proceed to assign a shortcut as prompted and hit Save.

If the messages are many, long-press on it and tap on “Extra” afterwards hit “Save”.

Next, assign a shortcut command to it and save. That’s all, you up with it.

Now all you need to slide a fast reply is ready, just initiate the shortcut command as a substitute for typing an entire phrase.

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