How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on your Device (OS & iOS Guide)

In order to guarantee users’ satisfaction, WhatsApp finally rolls out the dark mode feature on its app globally. This is available across all platforms, Android and iOS alike. Although, users opine that the release came rather too late but it is rather late than never. Find out how to activate Whatsapp Dark Mode on your device from the guide below.

Arguably, the dark mode offers you a fresh look thereby twisting up the familiar user experience on your device. Also, it helps reduce the bright light emitted from the screen of your device – and your eyes are protected. On the advantage, is that you enjoy chatting in the dark unnoticed.

Whatsapp dark mode comes in different shade resolutions with respect to the device. That of Andriod is a little dark grey while that of iOS is completely dark. If you have enabled a system-wide dark mode on your Android 10, then all you need is to upgrade your WhatsApp version to have it activated.

Activate Whatsapp Dark Mode now – The Guide

As stated above, the WhatsApp dark mode is automatically enabled on Andriod version 10 and iOS 13, all you need to do is to enable the dark mode on your device and update your Whatsapp. However, the feature is not enabled on lower Android versions but it is not completely impossible. Below is a guide on how to activate the dark mode.

First, update to the latest Whatsapp version.

Secondly, open your Settings and tap on chats.

Next, tap on theme options and select the Dark options.

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If you want to set up the dark mode for WhatsApp on your desktop then you’ve got to exercise a little patience as the feature is yet undergoing development, however, there are a couple of native settings you can click on to have it enabled on your desktop. Review this post from TechRadar to learn more now.

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