How to Access a locked mac computer – A Concise Guide

No one will intentionally forget a password, especially not the one associated with your mac computer. But, times do occur when the password we think is common becomes obscure. Sometimes, because somebody might have attempted a wrong password several times on the gadget. However, Apple Inc. made provision for users to access their computers in times like this.

The process of accessing a locked mac computer is as simple as maneuvering over some pre-installed settings. The hack here is that with or without your Apple ID you can gain access to your computer even when you’ve forgotten your password. This can be tagged as one of the advantages of using a macOS computer.

So, quickly let’s get down to the guide…

Access Locked Mac Computer using your Apple ID – The Guide

During the setup, you may have been required to set up and link your Apple ID, if you did that and you can still remember the password details then this process is for you.

1. Once you’ve typed a password 3 times consecutively, your computer will suggest resetting it using your Apple ID.

2. Proceed to type in your Apple Id email address and password in the field provided for each.

3. Once signed in, you’ll be prompted to create a new password for your mac computer. Follow the prompts carefully while paying attention to details.

4. Next, with your new password intact, the system will generate a new login keychain. Be mindful that this new keychain does not change the old one, therefore, while the old password keychain exists on the computer, you can still use the password to access it anytime you remember it.

5. Go back and try using your new password to gain access. Hurray!!!

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Access locked mac computer without an Apple ID – the guide

In the case where you didn’t link your Apple ID with your computer or maybe you do not remember the details. the next best option to apply in accessing your locked Mac computer is to use the Recovery Mode, below is the guide

1. If your computer is turned ON, turn it off.

2. While it is turned off, simultaneously, press-hold the command key with the R key together and turn ON the computer.

3. Hold onto those keys till a progress bar appears below the Apple logo on your PC screen.

4. Now, scroll to the menu bar and click on Utilities.

5. Next, click on Terminal and a window will appear requesting you to type in a command. Carefully type in the space the following; resetpassword and remember not to leave spaces.

6. Close the window and navigate to the reset password tool, from where you can change your password.

However, it is worthy to note that a change of password using this recovery mode will affect all user account associated with the Mac computer.

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