Facebook Dating | New feature launched in 2019 [review]

facebook dating review 2019

Facebook adds a little romantic twist to enable users to find real love and hook up with the casual friend they have been secretly admiring. The new Facebook dating feature is available in select countries and brings you closer to having a real date with that long-time crush.

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The Review

The dating feature on facebook was launched in May last year and is already in operation in 14 countries including Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Philippians, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Malaysia and other select countries. It was launched in the US on the 5th of September 2019.

This new innovation by facebook is nothing but an additional feature to the main Facebook app. Therefore, you don’t need to download it separately. All you have to do is to request a dating profile and go-ahead to create one.

What makes the Facebook dating service different

facebook dating review

One of the outstanding feature present in the new facebook dating is the Secret crush feature. This allows you to discreetly let people know that you are interested in them without obviously coming out open. How does it work? You are given 9 options to choose those you have a secret crush on and whenever they choose you as someone they’re having a secret crush on too, a match will be made.

Another remarkable feature worthy to mention is the security and privacy features. Unlike other dating sites, Facebook dating allows you to choose people you’ll like to be matched with. You can turn off matching with friends of friends especially if you want to experience something new. Also, you can control who sees your dating profile.

To add more color to it, Facebook has integrated Instagram into its dating platform. This means that users can share their Instagram posts on their dating profiles and your followers on IG can add up to your list of secret crush.

In addition to its flexibility, Facebook makes it easier for those with mutual interests to connect through the events and group options. It also allows users to filter their match based on location, age, height, religion, and the number of children. You can get matched with a user who is not outside a 100km range.

New facebook dating reveiwed

Finally, online dating is going to be more fun with these romantic additives Facebook has brought in with the new facebook dating service. Now Instagram freaks can enjoy these features and the good news is that you can always relax and monitor if your crush feels the same way about you.

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