Enable Picture-in-Picture mode on your browser – The Ultimate Guide

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode is a feature that allows you to keep playing a video as you stretch it to do other things with your device. Upon activation, it will lift your video up on a popup field and allow it to float on new Windows while you continue operating your computer, Android or iOS smartphones.

Fortunately, this feature is supported by most browsers and websites online. However, some websites are yet to integrate this new innovation – and this sounds like a limit, but actually, that is not the case because you can download PIP extension on your device and enable it anytime you want to use the Picture-in-Picture mode.

This guide will walk you through the process of enabling the Picture-in-Picture mode on different browsers. Quickly, let’s get started.

How to enable the Picture-in-Picture Mode

As stated earlier, most recent updated versions of all browsers have the PIP mode enabled by default. However, in other to access the limitless aspect of the PIP mode, you will have to install the Picture-in-Picture extension on your browser. Follow the steps below to have it installed on your browser.

Install Picture-In-Picture Extension on Chrome browser

Step 1. Open your Chrome browser and visit the web store.

Step 2. Search for the Extension and click on the Add to Chrome tab.

Step 3. Go through the terms of service and click on Add Extension.

Step 4. After installing, a notification will be displayed on your screen with options for you to manage shortcuts and appearance settings.

You can use Alt+P to initiate the feature and the “X” to exit the mode.

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Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Firefox browser

For the Firefox browser, this mode is a default feature on recently updated versions. However, if it’s not working on your browser yet, then you have to install the extension.

To install the Extension on Firefox, go to the top right corner of your browser and click on the 3-horizontal lines.

enable picture-in-picture mode on firefox

Next, Scroll to Add Ons and click on it, then search for the extension and click Add to Firefox.

Once it is enabled, a blue square button will appear by the extreme center right of your videos. A click on it will initiate the mode at any time.

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture mode on Safari

For the Safari browser, though this mode is available to enable it seems a bit different from the ones above.

On some sites on Safari, all you need do is to right-click on the video player and select the PIP option from the menu.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the blue speaker icon displayed on the address bar and select Enter Picture-In-Picture mode.

The features above are exclusive to desktop browsers or PC, for Android smartphone users, use the guide here.

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