Easy way to setup Google 2FA with & without phone

google 2FA guide

Google two factor verification also referred to as Google 2FA is a two-step authentication service introduced by Google in order to boost the security and safety of the system.

The new service requires users to provide a second level authentication factor for the sake of identification. It is also a means to put the user in control of the account in case of any malicious attempt to invade the user account.

With the new Google 2FA security service, Google is putting the security key into your hands. What this means is that, before someone can have access to your account, there will be a two step security authentication required. First is the password and the second is a time-based one-time password algorithm [TOTP].

Google 2FA setup

In addition to that, the One-Time Password algorithm which is regarded as the second-factor authentication is sent to your secondary device either as SMS or as a call to verify the identity trying to access the account.

However, as good as it sounds there are some limitations. The question is, WHAT IF I LOSE MY SECONDARY DEVICE…? Hence the essence of this guide. Below is a guide on how to set up Google 2FA without your phone.

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How to setup Google 2FA without your phone

Whenever you’re faced with the challenge about how to access your Google account with the 2 factor verification and you don’t have your phone as your secondary device, try the following steps.

1. Login to your account and click on the link “Try another way.” This link always appears below the page.

2. Next, you’ll be presented with other ways to verify your account and because you don’t have your phone, you will select backup code option by clicking on “Enter one of your 8-digits backup codes”.

3. Finally, type in your backup code and gain access to your account.

Yes, it is very simple. Use these steps to login always when you don’t have your phone because it ensures that there are no malicious access to your account.

How to Generate Google 2FA backup codes

While trying to gain access to your Google account using the google 2FA verification without a phone, you’ll be required to enter a backup code. Below are the steps used to generate the code.

1. After you have logged into your account, click on the Google 2-step verification.

2. On the next page click on the tab “Get Started”

3. Next, you’ll be presented with all the 2FA option enabled for your account. Scroll down and select the ‘backup code’ option.

4. Continue by clicking on the ‘setup button’ and a series of numbers will be presented to you, use these numbers are your backup codes. You can download them to your PC and it will be saved as a text file.

Finally, it is worthy to note that your backup codes are as important and confidential as your password. Therefore, you have to safeguard it properly.

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