Easiest way to Access & Watch Hulu Anywhere outside America

Hulu has become a global giant in online video streaming owing to its vast collections of TV shows and popular high demand videos. Only that it is available to residents in the United States. However, to watch Hulu outside the USA is not impossible, you can catch up on your favorite TV shows and videos even from outside the shores of America.

It may look or sound funny, that an American on assignment or on vacation abroad may not have access to his or her favorite Tv shows, notwithstanding that it had been paid for. If you ask me, I’ll suggest that Walt Disney [the management] make a review on these terms of service.

Meanwhile, pending whenever it becomes officially available in several other countries of the world, subscribers on foreign soil can resort to this guide to catch up on those interesting programs which they won’t like to miss. Below is a guide on How to watch Hulu from anywhere outside the American soil.

How to Watch Hulu Outside America – The Guide

The options to watch Hulu outside America are very limited, most of which if not all violate Hulu streaming terms of service and as such may not really be so reliable. But in this guide, I will demonstrate the easiest and best way to access and watch Hulu anywhere in the world.

1. Through the Use of VPN

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. This service among other things will conceal your location and keep all your online activities private just like the name imply. Also, setting up a VPN on your device will allow you to connect to an internet server of choice through the use of unique IP addresses, thereby enabling users to gain access to restricted regions.

2. Best VPN to access Hulu

Generally, there are many VPN services in the market but not all of them will be able to break most regional restriction ban. Therefore, below is a list of the best VPN to break the Hulu regional restriction ban.

  • Express VPN: This is one of the best VPN suitable for live streaming. It offers one of the fastest services and access to different IP addresses from its different servers.
  • Nord VPN: Nord offers one of the best services from a host of different servers in locations across the globe. It has been certified as one of the best VPN for streaming online videos.
  • CyberGhost VPN: This one of the services with a large server network with a strict policy on its privacy. It allows users to connect about 5 devices to their network. This is one of the best for this purpose.
  • Vypr VPN: It offers a high-speed connection with no log policy to protect your privacy online. Also, it can bypass regional restriction without being detected. This is highly recommended.

How to Bypass Hulu Geo-Restriction with VPN

After you must have opted for the right VPN services now you’re on your way to breaking the block and watch your favorite programs, not minding your location. Below is how you can gain access and stream online.

First, sign in to your VPN service and connect to a US server. If the service you’re using has no option for server connection then look for another option. Generally, a paid service should enable you to connect to a choice IP address.

Next, navigate to the Hulu website and enjoy the show.

If you’re new to the service you’ll be required to create an account and subscribe.

Bonus Tips for Non-US subscribers

If you’re outside the US and you want to subscribe, these are few options you can adopt.

The first option is to get a friend in the US to register for you and send you the account details. This is because credit cards that are not from the United States are not accepted.

Another option is to use Walmart Hulu gift cards. You can purchase this at a cost of USD25 to USD50. Use it to subscribe and have a good time.

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